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Jan 23, 2006

Real Estate May Be On The Back Burner
For the last week or so, I have been updating my resume. Tough work, let me tell ya! I haven't really touched it since college, so in the end, I rewrote the entire thing. It was a college grad resume and not a professional resume. But boy do I sound good now! It's amazing what a little help from a head hunter (who is in their current job thanks to the help of your father) can do...She has been amazing. Giving me advice, and helping me shape my professional experiences into something...

One of the most helpful things she has done was to send me several resumes of people who hold the jobs I want some day. People who are currently making between $300,000 and half a million. She wanted me to see what steps they took to get where they are, and how someone like that writes a resume. It's so inspiring! I feel like she really thinks I have that potential.

The goal at the moment is to get a job in brand marketing or get into an executive training program for one of the big guys around town. Frito-Lay, Cadbury-Schwepps, Southwest Airlines...

Cross your fingers for me!
posted by Ty @ 1/23/2006 | 1 comments