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May 2, 2005

What a Weekend!
Boy, it's been a crazy weekend! My friend from high school came in town this weekend. I picked her up at 3 on friday and we were off! We started the weekend right with manicures and pedicures before meeting up with a bunch of my friends and going to Lower Greenville for dinner and barhopping. We ate at the Blue Goose, and the headed down to Zubar, then The Beagle and then to Syn Bar--which used to Milk Bar...Zubar was nice, but slow. The Beagle was decidedly NOT slow, but had a very interesting crowd which included several girls unnecessarily dancing on the poles scattered on the dance floor. Note to self, if I ever gain 40 pounds, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT dance on poles...very unattractive indeed. Syn Bar was also interesting...As Milk Bar it was a cool place to hang out...mixed crowd, mixed dance music, great rooftop bar...Well, apparently, when it changed names it also changed is now pretty much a Salsa Bar...We were decidedly the only non-hispanic people there...this seemed to have one very good perk though...the bartender liked us and gave the girls free drinks the whole time we were there...the music was good and we had a pretty good time there, but it was a bit of a shock! And all the guys had just paid a $10 cover!!

After that, we piled our 7 people back into the Explorer (with two in the Way-Back) and headed home. Saturday, we went to lunch at Friday's and sat outside on the was a beautiful day! Then we headed out to Lone Star Park for Dollar Days and watched the horse races! It was so fun! It was sunny and just warm enough, and we had a nice spot on the lawn...I lost about $20 over all, but for 4 hours of fun, that's not so bad. I won a few races...Everytime I go, I learn more. I love knowing how to read the racing program. I don't know too many people who know how, so it's neat to be one of them. I know can read about 90% of it. I was also the one who was explaining things to my less knowledgable friends...I like being in the teacher role...After the races we all went to FreeBirds for some GIGANTOR burritos...nummy! Then we decided to take a nap so we could go out that night...BAD idea...we never made it out.

Sunday, my friend and I went to brunch with my parents at Texas De Brazil...I totally recommend their brunch. It was awesome! Then we went to the mall where I introduced her to the Very Sexy collection at Victoria's Secret. The conversation in there went like this:

Me: This is the best bra in the world. I don't really like anything else here, but THIS bra is amazing.
My friend: Really? {serious look of disbelief} I really like Gap bras.
M: You have to try this one. Just try it on. Make sure to put your shirt back on to get the full effect.
MF: Alright. Fine. I'll just try it on. There's no way I am spending $40 on a bra though.
{we go to the dressing rooms and she takes a room. A minute later...}
MF: TY! {door opens a crack}
M: What's up?
MF: Come here!!
{I enter the dressing room to find her standing with the Very Sexy bra on under her v-neck t-shirt}
MF: LOOK! I have boobs! And cleavage!! I have NEVER had cleavage!! {She pokes at her boobs and cleavage with her index finger, enjoying the new sight immensely.}
M: {laughing} I told you so! The best bra ever!
MF: I'm getting it!!! I don't care if it's $40!!

Ah, the power of works on women just as well as it does on men...

After shopping we went to the tattoo shop that I had my ears pierced at. I had my old earrings taken out and put in my new white gold hoops...Yay! I am OFFICIALLY an adult now...with earrings I can change...amazing!!

Then we went to Central Market and got some snazzy food to grill out for dinner. We had Artichokes with butter sauce as an appetizer and then Monk fish and Halibut grilled with aparagus and squash and a Pesto bread on the side. It was delicious! For desert we had picked up two mini cakes. We had a raspberry chocolate tart, a chocolate mousse cake and peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookies. SO good!

It was such a pleasant evening. We just hung out and chatted and cooked. I highly recommend dinner parties! :)

That is all.
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