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Dec 28, 2004

Tsunami Death Toll Up To 55,000
The death toll caused by the South Asian tsunami is now up to 55,000 with estimates of a potential 100,000. I am making a donation to help with the efforts. If you are able, please consider doing the same. This situation is about to become very dire. The drinking water is already becoming contaminated with sea water, and there are great concerns of typhoid and cholera epidemics because the dead will begin to contaminate the water, as well.

Later today, I will post some links to organizations that are accepting donations specifically for the South Asia relief.


The death toll has risen again as of 8 am Dec. 29th. It has now climbed to 69,000 with no signs of stopping.


Here are a few links:

Doctors Without Borders (the site seems to be having traffic problems, but check it out if you like. It may be lighter when you get there. They also have a link on their "heavy traffic" page that you can click on to make a donation. This link is working. When you get to the donation page be sure to check the box under the donation amount to insure your donation goes directly to the tsunami relief)
Red Cross (when you donate here, you must designate the International Response Fund, but note that it may not go directly to the SE Asia tragedy. The tsunami is just included in that fund)
Direct Relief International (they do not have a specific place to designate money for the tsunami relief, but their donations page does offer a comments section)

You can find more links by going here. This is a list provided by a local Dallas television station.

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