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Aug 23, 2004

Good Will House Hunting
I am buying a house. Yes, that's right A HOUSE. A home of my own, a piece of America, a truly fantastic place I can call MINE! And mine a Single sharing...fabulous! This is something I have wanted to do for years now. It was, in my mind, the ultimate in independence--buying a house as a single woman. And it's happening, and I can actually afford a nice place (thank you good credit score!!). It is just blowing me away daily. My poor friends and family, and boyfriend...They listen to my incessant talk about it. But they are taking it well and they let me expound for a while, until they are sick of it and then they let me know I need to shut up.

So here are the pluses and negatives:


It's MINE!
It's MY decorating style!
It's big!
My mass quantities of stuff will fit better!
My cats will have more room to run (and possibly stairs to play on)!
I will have a guest bedroom!
I may have a office/gym!
I will have a BIG kitchen with lots of cabinets for my 3 zillion kitchen items!
I will have a yard to grow veggies in!
I will have sprinklers to water said veggies!
I will have a big place where my friends can come and hang out at!
I will have a GARAGE!
I will have room in said garage to store my crazy amounts of crap!
I WILL NOT being paying more than renting!!
I will build EQUITY--No more throwing my money away!


I will have a higher water bill.
I will have a higher electric bill.
I will have property taxes (but that is because I will OWN property!! So maybe not quite as bad.)
I will have a lawn to mow (but this counts as exercise!)
I will have a mortgage to worry about (but I am building EQUITY! The money comes back to ME not a landlord!).
I will have more space to clean.
It will be harder to find my kitties when they hide.
I will almost certainly have to do some updates like paint or wallpaper, maybe more.
I will have to walk farther to get a glass of water in the middle of the night.

All in all, I think the pluses are winning!


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