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Jan 2, 2007

Mmm, Mmm, Good...
Did you know Salmon in a can has bones in it??? Yup! Totally gross!! I made this recipe for Salmon Chowder last night, and it called for a can of salmon. When I bought the can, I was all excited at the ease of a can of salmon! No need to buy the expensive slab of pink fish at the fish counter, or handle the raw fish, or even cut it for that matter. Just dump in a can. Sweet. Until I went to drain it. And I noticed not only the skin (which looks totally gross in a can of vaguely pink salmon meat) but also at least one skeletal system. There was an entire backbone in there! SO gross. I picked it all out and decided, since the chowder was complete except for the salmon, to go ahead and finish it, and it did taste decent, but I am still "ewww"-ing at the thought of that spine!

Now, I'm not sure I can eat the rest of the chowder. The thought of that can is just swirling in my brain.

The recipe was good though, and I think I may remake it with fresh salmon. The source of the recipe is really interesting though. My gym, 24-Hour Fitness has a slew of recipes on their website, and it turns out that they are pretty good. They are all low fat, and mostly high protein, so you can feel good about eating them. This is the second chowder I have made from their recipes and both pasted muster, AND clocked in at about 250 calories for a nice-sized bowl. They use fat-free milk for the chowder, which flies in the face of all that is chowder, but it is actually rather good.

My next recipe is cranberry scones (180 calories) which are made in part, with prunes...I've heard of baking with apple sauce and prunes to reduce fat content before, but I've never tried it.
I also have the ingredients to make a Mediterranean Chicken Pita (about 200 calories), which sounds totally yummy and perfect for lunches.

So if you are looking for some healthy alternatives, you might want to check out the site. But if it says anything about canned might want to rethink that one...


posted by Ty @ 1/02/2007 | 5 comments