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Nov 24, 2004

Happy Turkey Day Eve!
Today is the beginning of three Thanksgivings for me. We have a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner at work today. We have 50 employees so we have 4 turkeys, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, 2 hams, 5 pounds of gravy, you get the idea. And that is just what the company bought! Then we have all of our employees bring food. 90% of our employees are hispanic, so we have some great food. Homemade enchiladas, tamales, salsa verde, oh and someone brought a loaf of bread. From the store. In a plastic baggy...I don't think he gets it. We have been setting up all morning. Decorating the break room with festive table cloths, candles, pretty square plates! Oh and our work tradition, a Christmas tree. Two people are setting up the new tree. We had to buy a new one after the old one finally bit the dust last year. We bought new pretty ornaments too. Fun!

Tomorrow is the extended family dinner, and Friday is Thanksgiving 2 for those who couldn't be there Thursday! I am going to gain 50lbs this weekend!!!!
posted by Ty @ 11/24/2004 | 2 comments