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Oct 20, 2004

Jerk's in Trouble
The city constable just left our offices. He was here looking for the Jerk. (See this post to learn who the Jerk is) The Jerk is apparently in some big trouble. And it's not trouble to do with us which means he's in even more trouble. Ha! Finally caught up with you, Jerk.
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Wino, Wino, Wino
This is another picture from my San Francisco trip. We spent a day in wine country, and at one vineyard, I took this picture of some dying grapes. I suggested to JG that they were making raisins and not wine. He didn't laugh. When we were doing a wine tasting at another vineyard he asked the sommelier if he was a wino. The sommelier said, "We don't refer to ourselves as winos, sir. We prefer connoisseurs." Neither the sommelier nor I laughed. I was dying to inside though!
Curly grapes
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