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Aug 2, 2006

I'm not MIA!
I'm here! I'm here! Sorry I disappeared my faithful readers (who I might add managed to keep my hit count up even in my absense...thanks for that!)

It has been a week of computer problems and to be honest, when I wasn't forced to be by one, I saw the light and avoided any unnecessary computer contact like a research rat avoids the electric shock button...

Last Monday, my printer, who I will call Minnie (she's a Minolta, DUH...) decided to go haywire at the office. Minnie decided she didn't like my computer, Eric, the E-Machine, and that sending Eric into a pemanent restart cycle was a lot of fun. And that creating multi-hundred dollar IT repair bills was exhilerating Minnie time. Once we got that fixed, Eric took his cue and decided to crash on Friday. Not just a "Blue Screen of Death" crash, but a, "Watch what I can do as I pop and emit puffs of smoke" crash. Apparently, the power supply went. And the $300 it would have cost to fix 3 year old Eric made no sense. Enter New Computer, who I will call Charles, the Compaq. Charles was adopted Friday, but of course Charles needed all my old files, and all my old programs and all my old settings. Since Eric had no power, I couldn't simply tranfer the files. Oh no. I had to learn how to transfer an entire hard drive. From an old school IDE cabled Eric, to a snazzy new SATA cabled Charles. Charles and Eric didn't much like sharing space, and 5 hours later, I finally convinced them that Eric's only chance of survival was to feast on Charles' power supply.

Everything seemed well and good, until I had to reload MS Office. Evil MS Office. I couldn't find the little sleeve with the product key. Of course. Why can't they stick that sticker on the stupid CD?? So after several calls to MS India...oops, I mean MS IT...I got it working. But of course, not without misshaps, and certainly not without speaking to an nice Indian man named Adam...Anyone here know any Indian men named Adam? Do they really think that will trick me into believing I am calling Indianapolis or Tulsa?

Once I got everything working to some extent, Outlook decided to delete each e-mail I replied to. There were no rules or filters created, and it took me forever to figure out that Outlook wasn't actually deleting them, it was sending them into a second Inbox that was left over from transferring my old e-mails to the new Charles.

I now have only three problems left to fix. I still can't get my wireless keyboard and mouse to work with this computer, I need to reinstall the crazy credit card processing software, and I need figure out why Outlook can't find MS Word to use as it's e-mail editor.

Sigh...I learned a lot from Minnie, Eric and Charles this week. Maybe this will lead to someone hiring me as their IT God...
posted by Ty @ 8/02/2006 | 5 comments