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Feb 6, 2007

When Your Problem Doesn't SOUND Like an Emergency...
My doctor's nurse deserves a good throttling.

Me: My insurance doesn't want to cover the 5 doses of the prescription The Doc wants me to take because it is a one dose product. The pharmacy said you could call and get them to override that problem.
Nurse: Could you hold on a sec?
{on hold for forever!!}
Nurse: She said just take one dose of this OTC med instead.
Me: You mean, instead of taking the prescription med 5 times, she wants me to take the OTC med that hasn't worked in 2 years, just once?
Nurse: Um, yeah.
Me: {Almost to tears in frustration} fine. Thank you.

How could an OTC med that hasn't worked in 2 years, suddenly work again when she originally thought I needed five times the usual amount of the prescription version??

For some reason, I think the nurse told the doctor "some patient" was on the phone, instead of getting out my file and telling her who I was. Otherwise, how could the doctor come to that answer about the medicine?

I called back after I had washed away all of my make-up with tears. I asked the receptionist to please have my doctor call me. Hopefully, I will have a better understanding of what is going on after she calls back.


posted by Ty @ 2/06/2007 | 4 comments