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Jan 7, 2005

Life After a Crazy-Ass New Year's
My life seems so boring this week after last weekend! The most exciting thing I did last night was watch two new TV premieres. Committed and Medium. Both seem like they might have legs by the way. Committed is a bit spastic and not terribly PC and has a couple great characters...although I am not the biggest fan of the show's lead woman. But all in all, I laughed, and for a new sitcom, that's not bad.

Medium on the other hand was really pretty good. Patricia Arquette is very good. Her character's husband, Jake Weber, is a face you have seen many times before. He was in U-571, Meet Joe Black, The Pelican Brief...the list goes on. But what intrigued me most is that he looks and sounds like he is the secret British lovechild of Dustin Hoffman! I swear!! It's uncanny! I tried to find a good picture, but no dice. The site for Medium doesn't have any of him, and neither does imbd. Catch it if you can, it's definitely a different crime drama!
posted by Ty @ 1/07/2005 | 1 comments