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Dec 7, 2004

I swear to you, I AM NOT a Chocoholic. At least, 364 days a year I am not. Yesterday, however, I was absolutely dying for some really good, fabulous, expensive, European chocolate. I wanted the stuff I bring back from Holland every time I go. It's from a tiny little store in Eindhoven. It's made fresh everyday. My mouth is watering just at the thought.

But yesterday I had no Dutch chocolates. The next best thing in Dallas, is Neuhaus. And my memory from last Christmas was there was a Neuhaus in the Galleria. So on my way home, thinking only of how I wanted chocolate...Chocolate with a smooth creamy center, that I could retrieve by biting off one side of the square chocolate, feeling the shell break away in my mouth in a smooth, chilled dark chocolately piece. This thought kept repeating in my head, until I decided there was nothing I needed more in life at that moment, and I drove several miles out of my way to get this chocolate.

I arrived at the Galleria, and was immediately greeted with their new renovation. A bright green and yellow sign told me I was at the right place. I made my way through the now modern and chic mall to where I remembered the Neuhaus. Now this is a testament to my NON-Chocoholic status. I have been to the Galleria probably on the order of 30 times in the last year, and had never noticed what I was about to see. Neuhaus was not there. It was not on the mall directory either. I asked a woman at the information desk and she said they had closed just after last Christmas. That location has been close for an entire year and I was unaware. Apparently, the Preston and Royal location is still open, but at 6:45pm on a Monday, that was not going to happen. Panic set in. I needed chocolate.

I was torn. Do I just leave, fabulous Belgian Chocolate-less, or do I go to the much less desirable and no where near as delectable, Godiva. I know, I know, many of you are saying how could Godiva be less delectable? It is Belgian, too. Are you THAT much of a chocolate snob? And my response is first this...Yes, yes I am. My second is that this informs me that you have not had Dutch or Belgian chocolates from a Dutch or Belgian store in said country. There is nothing in this world as wonderful as real Dutch chocolates. NOTHING. So I had a dilemma. The only solution was to settle for third best (Dutch or Belgian chocolate from Holland or Belgium being first, Belgian chocolate from Neuhaus being second). I caved to my desires and bought 10 pieces of chocolate for the ridiculous price of $10. And I must say, it was not bad. But next time, I will be making the trip to Preston and Royal, because without the ability to fly to Holland, Neuhaus is unbeatable.


A Non-Chocoholic.
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