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Jun 15, 2006

Too Much Sexy!
As the ball streams over the net, rolling and tumbling across the court, headed for the ground several feet in front of center position, P dives for the ball. He gets under it, arms outstretched, legs pressed out behind him like dolphin fin, and just before he hits the ground, he pushes his clenched fists upwards, making contact with the ball. The ball sails over the net, over, over, over...Out...Out. Of. The. Court..."Too much sexy, P! Too much sexy!!" A chorus of voices dismiss the beautiful mistake.

When a ball is hit gracefully, yet with too much force, my team declares the hitter to have "too much sexy". We yell it, we shout it across the has become our inside joke and our mantra. And now, it has become the new name of my former 6x6 volleyball team. I resigned as captain a few weeks ago, and last night was my last regular season game. I am sad to end my 3 and a half year run as captain. It was a something I really enjoyed most of the time, but the frustration that had accumulated from leading a 10 person team, the little respect that I had wanted and not received, the dodgeball that irritated me, and finally the way a 6x6 game affected my play in 4x4 and 2x2 games made me decide to end my run. I have found another team, and will be playing 4x4 on Wednesday nights, so I will still be able to hang out with my friends, and cheer them on when I am not playing, but I will not be on the court with them. I will be on a team named Blind Side. It will be three guys and me. It will certainly be harder, and more thrilling, but for everything that I hate about 6x6 volleyball, I will miss the cheers and taunts. The cat calls and raucous jokes. I will miss the camaraderie that a good game created. And I will miss the rivalry with the team Beach Ya To The Bar. But so it must be.

Perhaps my former team will let me buy a "Too Much Sexy" game shirt...Because I will always be a member of that club...
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