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Jun 6, 2006

Nokia Can Suck It
My cell phone crapped out on me. It just died. Mid phone call. After 1 year, and 13 days. Meaning it is out of warranty. By THIRTEEN days. And I didn't drop it in water or spill a pitcher of beer on it (like I did one year and thirteen days ago) so I cannot do an insurance claim. So I had to buy a new one after much discussion with Cingular. MUCH. I went so high in the company that I was speaking to someone in an actual office, not a call center (it was very quiet) and he told me it was "very hard to reach [his] department." I responded, "I worked very hard to reach your department." In any case, The deal I wound up with was that he would switch my AWESOME-AMAZING-plan-from-having-been-an-AT&T-customer-
that-blows-all-Cingular-plans-away Plan over to Cingular and let me keep my plan the way it was. Which if you must know is 650 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, 1,000 mobile to mobile minutes and nationwide calling for $39.99. Thank you, thank you very much. The closest they have at Cingular is 900 anytime minutes plus all that other stuff for $59.99 or 450 anytime plus the rest but MINUS the mobile to mobile (which is crucial for talking to Jenny!!) for $39.99. No dice.

So yeah, everytime I have called about something they blame it on my being a former AT&T customer, and want me to switch. I could never just get someone to give me the 200 extra minutes and mobile to mobile. FINALLY, I found someone who understood that When Cingular Bought AT&T They Also Bought AT&T's Problems. So I bent a little on the cell phone replacement (since I haven't bought a new one in 2.5 years and even then my parents actually got it for me for more like oh 4 years...hehe...) and bought a new phone at a discounted price. This phone.(Not the picture at the top...that's an ad...just below that...) It's pretty snazzy. It's one of those slider phones, and apparently it's really thin. The guy I was talking to was drooling over it with me. It's so new, there aren't even reviews of it yet except from the Consumer Electronics Show. It's not even listed on Samsung's website yet! Seriously! And it has T10 predictive text. Not T9...T10! Hehe...not sure why I get a kick out of that...

Sooo, to make a long story even longer, he told me it would be here by Friday. But we both knew it never takes that long. I am starting to think Cingular has a distribution center in Dallas/Ft. Worth because no replacement phone has ever taken more than 24 hours to get to me...and I think I can actually prove it now. Pretty sweet. THAT is fast shipping. Check this out:
posted by Ty @ 6/06/2006 | 2 comments