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Sep 16, 2005

Constructive Ingenuity
Driving to Chic-fil-A to grab some Birthday-Eve lunch, I passed a couple construction workers on their lunch break. Sitting there in the median, they ate. Nothing unusual there, but something made me look again. Sitting next to them in the dirt was a white microwave! They had hooked the microwave up to a generator or the truck! Very creative!
posted by Ty @ 9/16/2005 | 2 comments
Tonight is my birthday party!!! YAY! I might as well be 5 years old I am so friggin' excited! I have no idea why I am excited about turning 26, but I just cannot concentrate today! All I want to do is go to XXI (the fancy version of Forever 21 that lives at the Shops at Willow Bend--even Forever 21 is snooty at that mall...) and buy a new $15 shirt for tonight! I am thinking maybe this one (if you have Firefox, you will have a problem seeing it...) or this one but I'm not sure about the back...

You gotta fight. For your right. To PAAARR-TEY!

posted by Ty @ 9/16/2005 | 2 comments