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Dec 21, 2004

Mini News
I heard to today that after the botched nomination of Kerik, the increase in suicide bombers in Iraq, and the flak that Rumsfeld is getting, Bush's approval rating is down 6%. In one month. He is now at 49%. That "mandate" is slipping, folks!


In other news, I just read that pregnant women aren't supposed to eat raw fish...NO SUSHI??? I may never have kids now!! No caffeine AND no sushi! for 9 MONTHS?? I don't think I could take it! Oh, and I bet that means no raw oysters either!

--Just thought of something, I guess you could still eat the cooked stuff, shrimp rolls and California rolls...but no sashimi?? I love that stuff!!
posted by Ty @ 12/21/2004 | 3 comments