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Sep 12, 2005

Calling It Quits

FEMA Director, Michael Brown, resigned today. Boy, that was quick and painless...

Oh, wait. So far there are 279 people dead and 1,000,000 displaced in Lousiana. Guess it wasn't all that pain-free.


(Note: Before you start...I am not suggesting Brown could have saved everyone or kept everyone from being displaced...I am simply noting the contrast between how fast he left office and the devastation that was left behind.)
posted by Ty @ 9/12/2005 | 2 comments
Good Morning, Everyone!
For some reason, I am in a great mood today. Here are the reasons I think are contributing to my butterfly-esque flittery feeling:

  • I slept like a rock.
  • The first news I heard (after avoiding it for most of the weekend) was that the flood waters were down to 50% of the city being covered.
  • I made a fabulous pizza from scratch last night (and kneeded out a lot of tension making the dough) and I got to bring the pizza to work for lunch!
  • George Bush (the highway, not the man) is open all the way to my office now, although I didn't know that until I passed an exit, but apparently everyone else did, because there was NO traffic on the way to work!!!
  • My birthday is in T-minus 6 days (ignoring the fact that I will undeniably, 100%, officially be closer to 30 than 20 and am still extremely single...).
  • My birthday party is in T-minus 5 days.
  • I got to work and had gotten an e-mail from my volleyball crush about an upcoming hockey game he is playing in. He invited me to come watch...Apparently, my plan, to have him see me in regular clothes (i.e. mini-skirt and my "boob" shirt--not that I have big boobs, but it gives the illusion that I do...) instead of sweaty volleyball clothes, last weekend totally worked!! He has a second job, a couple days a week. He used to wait and bartend at Yucatan, where I play volleyball, but he just quit and started working at my favorite bar. We, of course, went to that bar this weekend...
  • He also responded to the e-vite for my birthday party, saying he would try to make dinner, but then would have to go to work (at my favorite bar--which I might add, I suggested he look into when he was looking for a better part-time gig than out at volleyball)...So we will inevitably end up there anyway...uh, he is so cute! :)
  • And last but not least, State Farm is coming out to my office to look at the idiotic work that was done to my car by Service King. Friday, I took my car over to have Caesar look at it and see what a terrible job they did...1) they didn't attach the bumper properly, and there is a stripped bolt, so it rattles and uh, isn't completely attached, dumbasses...and 2) the color matching they did from replacing the front fender is pretty bad. My car is yellow. The fender and the overspray they did to blend it has a red hue to it. Caesar was trying to tell me, "well, I can see it from here, but I can't see it from over here". Like that made it ok...Jerkwad. So finally, he said he would call State Farm and have an adjuster come out. We set up a meeting with Sam for today at 5, but then I not 20 minutes later, Sam calls and tells me he can't make it at 5, and could he just come out and look at it at my office? Uh, certainly...I was thinking I would take it to an adjuster's office anyway, to have it looked at without Caesar there, and apparently, Sam was thinking the same thing because he said, "and uh, that way, there won't have to be a Service King Rep there and you can feel free to tell me exactly what has happened." Way to go State guys rock! So he will be here at 11. I will keep you informed...
posted by Ty @ 9/12/2005 | 3 comments