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Nov 30, 2005

I now own a new car and am a novelist. I will be passed out in bed for a few days...
posted by Ty @ 11/30/2005 | 1 comments
Oh, and...
Is anyone watching How I Met Your Mother? OMG so friggin' funny this week! Ted wakes up from a night of err...heavy...drinking in bed with a strange woman, a pineapple on his nightstand, a sprained ankle, and the words, "Hi, my name is Ted. If found, please call 555-555-555" written on his forearm, and he remembers nothing! His friends piece together his night, and let me just say this show is pure gold!! The 18-34 crowd should be eating this up like candy...Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, watch it! Monday nights...This is not a mild show...And guys, you really will like it...some good guy humor about dating...well actually about dating anything that moves...
posted by Ty @ 11/30/2005 | 0 comments
Today is Very Big Day
Today I will complete my NaNoWriMo book. I will ALSO be buying a car and getting a raise. Seriously! How totally cool is that?

I work with my parents...but I have been working here for 3 years, no raise. It wasn't until I started talking about a new car, or rather, that I would have to buy out my lease to afford a car at all, that my father realized I hadn't received even a cost of living increase. (And by the way, at this point, our warehouse manager has received THREE raises since I have been here...) He had asked what I was going to get when my lease ran out and I told him I was just buying the car. Well...He decided as a father, that was not a good idea...I needed a new car, under warranty. And voila! An overdue raise appeared...

Sometimes working with family has it's advantages...this summer for instance when my grandmother was so sick. We all took about three weeks off over the course of the summer to take care of her. There is no way I could have pulled that off working somewhere else. It also comes in handy when the sun starts setting early, and your parents don't want their only child to be in a huge empty building all alone...Almost daily I have to kick and scratch and fight to stay just 10 minutes late when they are leaving. I explain I will be right behind them, but my mother will just wait for me to finish...(this has a downside though. I work really well at the end of the day, and I would get more done if I wasn't kicked out of the office...but I will take it for what it's worth.)

So for all the shit I put up with working with my family, and believe me, adding a family dynamic to the work place creates A LOT of shit, often the benefits out weigh the negatives. Oh except when you are hungover and want to call in sick...not possible...the 'rents get worried you have strep throat or something...chicken soup, cough syrup, "go to the doctor," the whole nine yards come out, and you feel fine by three...Emm, yeah, doesn't go over too well...

So anyway, today, I am buying a brand spanking new car...anyone wanna take a guess what kind? Oh let me just show you...
Isn't it B-A-U-tiful!!!?

A 2006 Nissan Xterra SE!
And yes, it is exactly like my old car only 5 years newer....I couldn't think of a way to top a yellow car! I mean how could you? And there is no other car out there that I am even slightly interested in, so this is what it HAD to be! :) It is TOTALLY supped up, Rockford Fosgate sound system, with NINE speakers, 17" wheels, step rails, security alarm, leather wrapped steering wheel...EVERYTHING!

AND I got a great deal. All on my own. I negotiated the whole deal myself. My mother went for support on Saturday, but she didn't say a word. And the sales guy (who helped me when I was helping my father get my mother a 350Z last year--which I also negotiated single-handedly) looked at my mother and said, "Man, she bargains." I looked at him and said, "No, no T.J., I just make you work!"

So the end deal is a car for $4000 below MSRP and a below prime APR (which I also negotiated for). Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I CAN NEGOTIATE!

So today is a day for the record books. By midnight, I will have bought my first car (last one was in my mom's name because I was still in grad school and it was a lease) and be a novelist. I really should go buy a bottle of champagne tonight...
posted by Ty @ 11/30/2005 | 2 comments