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Aug 9, 2006

Blogging The Days Away
I have been reevaluating the good old blog lately...more than 2 years into this little expression of myself, I still find it rambling and ever-changing. Not really about any one thing. I know at least one reader who originally came to it for my love of poker, but I have since stopped playing on a regular basis, so that focus is gone. I love the photography portion of my site, but I find it hard to take enough pictures in such a bland city like Dallas to make that a main focus. Plus, I try to keep my friends off of this site as a matter of both my and their anonymity so you all really miss a lot of great photos...

I always debate that one...maybe I should give up the anonymity and post more about my friends (names would be changed of course). For that matter, tell more of my friends about this site. I want to some days. Some days, I want to so badly, it nearly kills me not to mention it. At this point though, most of my friends know I have a blog, they just don't know the address. It's not like I write much that would get me in trouble with them, so I'm not sure what I'm worried about exactly, but I did have one bad experience (several times) where my ex (who still reads my blog and now comments nicely...thanks, JG) decided to argue with my on my blog about politics--when this site was supposed to be my reprieve from people who disagreed with me about such things. It caused several fights, and after that, I decided I didn't want my friends knowing about my blog, lest they might feel the need to say negative things in my personal space.

But with the assumption that they would be nice to me, I don't know why I don't let them know about it. I know some people say, "you can't say everything you want to say" when your friends read your blog. But honestly, I usually write with the idea that A) someone might somehow stumble onto it, and DAMN that would suck if I had said something mean about them. B) What if my grandchildren read this someday?? Because nothing on the internet ever REALLY goes away... C) What if I decide someday to be in a public office. Or a professor. Or some high-profile job, where people delve into my background to find dirt on me?

So really, nothing I say here is too controversial anyway...So maybe I should let them in. And show you all more pictures.

Then there's this problem of subject matter. I want to write about volleyball. Make that a focus of this blog along with photography, and general life stories, but damned if I know how to write about it. It is the most difficult subject. I cannot figure out how to write creatively about my foray into sports. I did a search for blogs on Technorati that write about volleyball, but there really aren't any. How can that be? No one else has figured out how to write with some humor about such a fun sport? I am going to try to start writing about it more. I spend a lot of time and money on it, between leagues, private lessons, tournaments and my personal trainer and his plans to help me build my "volleyball muscles," so I should be telling you fine folks about it too I think. It has become a very important part of my life and I virtually ignore it here.

Hopefully, with a little direction, this blog will become a little more interesting, and a tad more exciting.

As a side note, for your reading pleasure, I have changed the feed on my site from Atom to RSS 2 and switched to Feedburner instead of Blogger's system. So if you want subscribe to my blog, I put the little orange chicklet way up top on the side bar to make it a little easier to find for little while.
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