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Aug 9, 2005

A New Thing to Worry About
If I can keep the repair estimates for my car and the other car from last Thursday under $1000 it won't affect my insurance...I have to wait and see what the estimate for her car is...Cross your fingers that it is less than $600...then I can get my car fixed too for under $1000...{sigh...}
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Happy Happy Thoughts 11
I just thought of another one.

When I have a friend who is so good to me, that I can call him at 8am while sitting in my car after my wreck and just be upset over the phone. And his first response is, where are you? Do you need me to come get you? And I know he would be there as fast as his car could get him there.
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Happy Happy Thoughts 10
Ok, I am back on the Happy Happy wagon. It took some doing, but I thought of one.

When my cats understand something is wrong and curl up next to me and let me drape my arm over them while I (try) to sleep and purr as loud as a motorcycle so I can even hear the vibrations coming through my pillow. This is why I have cats.
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No Rest For The Weary
It is 7:30am and I have been at work for nearly an hour. I couldn't sleep last night. I fell asleep with no problem, but at 2am my eyes popped open like a bottle of import beer.

They just stared at the red projection numbers on my ceiling telling me that it was 2am and my room was a balmy 82.4 degrees. My room never cools off...It actually felt relatively cool in there at 82.4 degrees with a fan on, but really...82.4 degrees???

So I tossed and turned and thought about my two wrecks, my grandmother, the fact that I hadn't told my father yet about the first wreck because we hadn't wanted to worry him while he was with my grandmother, and oh, my god, how would he react? And, oh, my god, last month I spent $1900 on bills. Just bills. And, how the hell could my electric bill be so f-ing high when my room was 82.4 degrees at 2am. And, oh crap, I need to take Brody to the vet for his annual, and I need to go to the eye doctor, and the dentist, and oh, god, how high is my insurance going to go, and what if the girl from the first wreck DOES claim it? And what if I haven't already told my insurance about it when she does? And what am I going to do about work?? I have that whole database to finish, and I got none of it done yesterday with the wreck and my father is going to wonder what in the world I did the whole time he was gone, and how are we going to drum up some more business, and why hasn't Mrs. King picked up her bloody order, and for that matter why are we still letting Ramon pick up truckload orders...his trucking line sucks...And the hospital my grandmother is staying in sucks right now, and what are we going to do about that? I hope my father straighted all of that out. And how am I going to pay for a plane ticket to New York to see my grandmother next month, and how am I going to pay for the on board stuff on my cruise...I can use my Blingo Visa Check card. Ok, one problem solved. Now back to my wrecks. How am I going to tell my father?

Finally, I turned the light on and picked up Harry Potter. I read a good 50 pages before I got my mind blank again. I tried to sleep but after just a couple minutes, my mind was racing again. I laid there for another hour thinking about everything and then picked up Harry again. I read another 50 pages and tried to sleep again, but I kept checking the clock and the big red numbers kept changing. The time was slowly moving foward, and the temperature was slowly dropping. Finally, the clock said it was 10 till 6 and the temperature said it was only 80.2 degrees, and I gave up. I showered, got dressed, and went to Starbucks because days like this require coffee as expensive as a Wendy's Combo Meal. But, feeling the need to be thrifty, I used my Starbucks gift card.

When I got to work, I think my father/boss thought the world was coming to an end. I was here over an hour early. He knew something was up. I told him what happened Thursday, and he was sympathetic. I don't know why I worry about telling him things like that. He actually handles the big stuff well. He can be very understanding. It's the little stuff he gets mad about. That was a huge weight off my shoulders. And good thing I told him because while I was in the middle of writing this post, State Farm called asking questions about Thursday and he answered the phone. I'm glad he knew what they were talking about. So the girl from Thursday did in fact place a claim. At least I don't have to worry about that anymore. It is done. I have two wrecks on my record. And two separate deductibles.

The investigator was very nice though. I told her what happened and said I really didn't see the girl. She said it was a Nissan Altima and I probably didn't see her. She said the hood of Altimas slopes down and they are short, and all I could probably see was the roof. My voice bounded agreement over the phone! Yes! All I could see was the roof!! And it was silver, making it still harder to see on a gloomy day!! At least I am not as crazy or dumb as I feel. There is a logical reason for why I didn't see her. But the claim is there. I guess now it's just a waiting game. Waiting for the bills, waiting for my rates to go up, waiting to get my car back, waiting to see what the dealership thinks about the car when I turn in my lease with two brand new bumpers...
posted by Ty @ 8/09/2005 | 2 comments