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Dec 29, 2004

Sadness In The Wake of Tragedy
I want to offer my condolences to all those affected by the tsunami.

I am so saddened by this. By something that could have been lessened so greatly, so easily. I am saddened by our lack-luster response here in the US. I am saddened it took two days for this story to become front page news. I am saddened by what appears to be our president's lack of concern through his decision to stay in Crawford and continue his vacation by clearing brush and bicycling. I am saddened our president isn't proving to the muslim world that our benevolence supersedes the differences and problems between our cultures. I am saddened by a tragedy that has affected a region that was finally becoming prosperous. I am saddened for the families who have lost loved ones and will never have the closure of a proper burial. I am saddened to learn that as a country, we spend only .14% of our gross national product on foreign aid. I am saddened by the thought that tens of thousands will die because they do not have fresh water. I am saddened to hear children were ripped from their mothers' arms at the will of the sea.

I hope you will spend a moment today to offer your thoughts or prayers in whatever form you believe to those suffering at the hands of our Mother Nature. May whatever God they believe in protect them in the coming weeks.
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