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Jul 18, 2006

Hasselhoff...err..I Mean, Hasselblad...
I taught myself a very cool Photoshop technique last night. It's called the Hasselblad Softar No. 2 Filter effect. It makes it look like you had a Hasselblad Softar filter on your camera when you took the shot. Since it is relatively pointless to actually use a filter on a Digital SLR these days, the filter effect rocks! Here is the same picture with and without the effect...And to be honest, the shot with the effect looks more like my cousin than the one without. Her skin is softer and more luminescent than that picture suggests.

Without Filter:

With Filter:

What do you think? You can click on either picture to see a larger version. I would recommend it, in fact.
posted by Ty @ 7/18/2006 | 3 comments