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Feb 16, 2005

UT Recognized!
I would like to let everyone know, UT got some props on The West Wing tonight! Jimmy Smits asked one of his campaign staffers if he had gone to UT {Shows the Hook 'em symbol} for a history degree. The guy says yes, Jimmy asks him if he ever heard of "presidential voice." The staffer says, he thinks presidential voice is set by the president. The voice doesn't make the president. And then Jimmy goes live instead of running a crummy commercial! It was a turning point in the campaign and it was caused by a wise Texas Ex!! HOOK 'EM Baby!!

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Strange Lives
Have you ever been somewhere you felt totally out of place in? Of course you have. Everyone has. Well, last weekend, I got a dose of that medicine. My friend Jenny and her friend Kristi and I went out Saturday night for a Girls' Night. We started the evening well. We dressed up, and we went out for Sushi at Blue Fish, which I think is highly overrated. The rolls were much too large, and it the service was only so-so. But the dinner was good, and we had fairly nice conversation.

At this point I need to describe my companions. Jenny is the world's sweetest person. She is cute and fun and very genuine--with me at least...She also has the most wonderful ability to seem nice, even when she doesn't like someone. (I was a little worried after this evening that she might do that with me, but she reassured me that if that were the case, we wouldn't hang out two or three times a week and talk everyday...I took her point...) Anyway, Jenny is great.

Her friend, who she refers to as a "Party friend" (someone you only party with, and never get close to), is a true Dallasite. She comes from money, but apparently there isn't any left and she is now working and supporting herself. This isn't creating the life she is used to. You can quickly see that she isn't happy, even though she tries to act as though life is grand. She has a very forced smile, and looks down her nose at people. Me in particular. The first time I met her--granted I looked like I rolled out of a rumpled closet--she literally checked me out head to toe. And she has a terrible poker face. All over her face was written a look of disdain. Well, this time, I was dressed up, and looked good. She looked with less disdain, but I could see, I still wasn't her speed. To be honest, her opinion of me didn't really bother me, but it sure was a Dallas moment.

After dinner, we headed to Uptown to a bar called Manhattan Bar. I had heard great things about this bar. My favorite comment being from a single friend who after who first visit, commented that it was "like a buffet line in there!" She was right, the guys looked great. But they wore cookie cutter clothes. They were all wearing dark blazers a t-shirt and jeans. It's a great look, but it's not like the striped shirt look. There are zillions of different striped shirts and from the back, guys look a little different. With the blazer look, every guy looks the same. They are all dark blazers. And they were everywhere.

The girls seemed to have the same problem. They were all wearing silky fitted tops with sequins dancing along the neckline or sleeves. The shirts are cute, and even Jenny was wearing one, but man, after the 10th one, everyone looks the same. But party on, we were there to have fun. We had been promised by Kristi that she could get the hook-up from one of the bartenders, but when we first arrived he wasn't there yet. So we all bought a round of drinks and headed up the steep wooden stairs. Who's idea was it to put steep wooden stairs in bars anyway...Can you imagine? One person spills a drink and those pretty wooden stairs are a Slip and Slide! Luckily, none of us fell, but I could just envision it every time we went up and down them. We sat at a little railing overlooking the downstairs and noticed how from that angle you could see right down girls shirts...This bar was definitely designed by a man. As the bar started to fill up we decided to head back downstairs. We were ready for another drink. We ran into a couple of Kristi's friends who were there pitching Bud Light, and Budweiser. Their job was to spend $1000 on drinks. They just go around and talk to people about why they are drinking what they are drinking and ask to buy them a Bud Light or Budweiser! And they get to drink while they work! Great job. So they bough Jenny and I a beer. Kristi was too cool for a Bud Light and stuck with her mixed drink.

About three quarters of the way through, A waitress came out of the back with a tray full of mini bottles of champagne with straws sticking out of the tops. We each took one. And the whole time I am thinking, how could this be any good? It was possibly the worst champagne I have ever had. And this moment describes this bar to perfection. They are serving complimentary champagne. With straws. And it is terrible. The people who were there that night felt just like that. They felt like the types of people who know nothing about the life they want to lead (i.e. the rich life) but they put on this front that they come from money and are sophisticates. They think they have class (oh I can hear Lori yelling right now!!) but, in fact, they are posers. They want to look cool so they drink the champagne and ooh and ahh that it is good. They are drinking champagne from a bottle. With a straw. I am not saying I am some grand sophisticate or that I come from money, but my mother did try to teach me about the finer things in life. What quality really is. Essentially, she didn't want me to every have to be a poser.

In any case, I threw mine out. I would like to point out here that Kristi drank hers.

At the end of the night, Kristi thought she had lost her check card. She was all uppity and yelling and bitching about it. She got the bartender's number to call him after they closed to see if it had shown up. We got in the car with her still upset. But she wasn't nearly as upset that someone might run up a tab as she was that she wouldn't be able to go out to eat!! Oh no! WHAT would she EVER do! We tried to tell her she could just go to the supermarket and cash a check if it was that big of deal, but she looked at us with that look that she loves to give that says, "are you kidding?? That is so beneath me." It didn't occur to me until later that she could use her credit card. But then I realized they are probably maxed out. As we were driving though, Kristi realized her card was in her back pocket. She had put it there as she was tabbing out. And then she had spent the next 30 minutes bitching.

So when we dropped her off, Jenny gave one last sweet as pie comment to Kristi before Kristi shut the door. And then Jenny turned to me and said, "I don't think I ever want to see her again." Whew! I was relieved she had seen through Kristi. I was afraid I would have to continue hanging out with her! Then Jenny and I discussed the night. Neither of us had ever felt so out of place. She noted how NO ONE looked you in the eyes. It was like they either had something to hide or they were constantly looking for something better. It was weird. I noted the girl who looked like plastic. Literally plastic! She had so much "glow" powder on, her face looked like a shiny plastic mask! Right then and there we decided we never needed to go back to the Manhattan Bar. Our dear, sweet Logan's was perfect for us.
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