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May 17, 2005

Uh, Duh...
An article from Reuters on just declared blogs to be working WITH the mainstream media, not taking it over. I think just about any blogger could have told you this same thing without spending thousands of dollars on a research study...

This is the summary paragraph from the article...

Web logs, or blogs, may be a powerful new force in U.S. politics but they have not displaced traditional media in terms of information and influence, a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project revealed on Monday.

Read the whole thing here.
posted by Ty @ 5/17/2005 | 0 comments
Blogging ideas...
I am starting to feel like my blog is getting a little stale. My page views have dropped a bit (although this could be because I haven't used any terms that get a lot of search engine hits lately, like "getting a shot in the ass" or "Bush is an idiot") but I can't help but think you all may be getting a little bored with my site, so I want to kick it up and see if I can find a topic that gets me some more readership. I'm going to start a list and I would love it if you all would add things that you have liked that I wrote about or would like me to write about and tell me what of my list sounds good to you. Maybe a little direction is what this blogger needs...

  • Politics
    • love to hate Bush
    • general news
    • fun facts
    • pretty graphs and pictures
    • editorial cartoons
  • My life...this is staying so too bad!! ;-)
  • The occasional technobabble
  • Photography (I could start posting old pics and new pics regularly and do more photoblogging)
  • And my newest idea, recipes...anyone who knows me, knows I am quite a cook and I also rarely follow recipes. So I could post unique recipes, which would provide a sort of file of recipes as well as provide ideas for you all. Plus it would be interesting to try to write them and figure out amounts and things.
So whatcha think? Any more suggestions??
posted by Ty @ 5/17/2005 | 2 comments