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Feb 17, 2005

Beyond Bizarre
So last night I had a dream that was beyond bizarre. Let me preface this by saying I feel guilty killing a fruit fly. For real. I get a pang of guilt every time. And the larger the bug, the more guilt. I would probably cry for days if I ran over a squirrel.

Now my dream last night included me killing 10 people and animals in some bizarre Marco Polo type game. In a pool. I was just swimming aroung with friends (and strangers) and the goal was to KILL the enemy. The enemy consisted of people and animals. I think the animals were opossums and rats. But they counted as much as the people. Then we took a break. As though this was no big deal. Everyone stopped, got out, the pool drained and we all had a snack and pee break.


I am sure there is meaning to this dream, and I am sure it doesn't mean I am going to become a serial killer. It probably means I am "killing off parts of myself" to ready myself for something. That sort of thing. Kind of like when you die in a dream it doesn't mean you will die, it means you (or part of your personality) are having a rebirth of sorts. A new beginning.

But here is where I think the pieces of the dream came from...My brain is seriously strange...

The pool came from Oprah yesterday. I left work early to get an oil change and Oprah was on while I waited. They were talking about Christopher Reeves and his spinal cord injury foundation, and how it had helped this swimmer who had broken her neck on a dive. They had these erie pictures of the pool.

The opossum and rats came from a conversation I had with a friend about a week ago when she was walking her dog and saw something in the woods. She wasn't sure if it was a large rat or an opossum.

The pee break, because of the setting and how it took place, came from a camping trip I took with friends about a month ago.

And the killing...I so need to stop watching Law and Order. I think the killing came from a combo Law and Order and Lost. There was a horrible murder on Lost that you didn't actually see, only heard. So I am sure my mind used that, and then the whole show was about who had killed who in their lives. Four of the characters have killed someone. Then there is Law and Order. Always about murder. I had watched a rerun at 6, and then a new episode at 9.

But jeez was that disturbing to wake up after. I am glad I was sober last night. My dreams are always more intense when I have been drinking. Can you imagine!!!
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