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Jun 7, 2006

A little Lube Wrestling and Wallpaper Tongue Never Hurt
I hear it's sort of sophomoric to talk about the keywords by which people found your site...Mostly because that then means you are checking your stats...Which you shouldn't do for some reason...Well, I do check my stats, now and then. I think the keyword searches are funny, and I like to see what hits.

I sort of thought I might get a spike from the phrase "Nokia Can Suck It" yesterday, but so far, the Googledom isn't in as much agreement as I had anticipated. But, people have found me with some pretty interesting search terms. If any of you are still out there after you realized I was not providing you the answer to "what does it mean to have sores on the back of my tongue" (to which I will profer the answer of, either you have Canker sores (which are no big deal) or Ghonorhea of the throat...what have YOU been up to??) then thank you for sticking around. It's funny what searches my blog title pulls up...from the french version of google, I got "Wallpaper Tongue"...hmmm... and someone here in the States wanted to know about "Graphs and pictures of the tongue" for which I am the number one result, thank you very much.

The last week has also produced my annual spike from Devil's Cove in Austin...People just love that cove. As do I. And also of interest are "Best Maid Pickled Okra" for which I am also ranked number one (poor Best Maid, their website is ranked a lowly 8th...), "Dead Body Chalk Line" (which I can't even find myself on the google results for) and most enjoyably, "Lube wrestling" for which I am also the number one result. LUBE WRESTLERS, this is your site. Enjoy. (Oh that is so going to come up on google now. I can just see the summary under the link..."'Lube wrestling'...number one...LUBE WRESTLERS, this is your site." Oh yes, my mother would be proud. By the way, check out the search results for lube wrestling...the other candidates are quite interesting...

While I am at it, I would also like to say hi to my Lurkers...Apparently, there is someone from Hong Kong. Very cool. Speak up! I would love to hear from you. As well as my Kuwaiti reader, come out of the shadows, you are welcome here! And as for the rest of you lurking around on my site, so glad you are here! Now speak up! :)
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