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Jan 17, 2006

Travis McDreamy
Last night I went over to Jenny's house to watch...GAG!...The Bachelor...A show I have deplored as long as it has been on. But she wanted to have a watching party each week, so, for her, I agreed to join in. I figured it would be fun to razz all the girls for being such idiots to think they could find true love while simultaneously dating the same guy as 25 other women.

And oh was I right about that! My God! One girl was explaining how she was "there for all the right reasons" and boohoo! why didn't he like her??? Uh...what exactly is the RIGHT reason to go to Paris to date a guy along with 25 other women? Especially when you have NEVER met the guy? I mean you have no idea if this guy will even get you could you? You don't even know his name before meeting him...As far as I am concerned, the RIGHT reason to be there is for a crazy amazing trip to Paris. That's it.

But here's the funny part...I was the one shushing everyone...Me the cynic. I was telling every to be quiet because I couldn't hear! And when people missed what was said, they were asking ME what had happened! lol...I couldn't watch this show alone, but in a group with a platform to slam these stupid but unfairly beautiful women, I couldn't resist...

So I shall now bow at the feet of my dear friend Jenny, again, for making me lighten up a little more each day...
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