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Mar 9, 2005

Scaredy Cat
Last night my friends S and R brought over their dog Cali. Cali is super sweet, but hyper. I was kind of curious to see what Luka would do with such a creature. He has only seen one dog before, and he didn't run away. He fluffed up but he was curious. But that was only a couple of minutes. Cali was coming over for a couple hours. Well, Luka fluffed up again when he saw Cali. And Cali wanted to play. We decided to take Cali outside in the yard for a few minutes and when they brought her back in Luka went nuts. He started making that deep throat gurgle really mad cats make, and then he fluffed up again and got so fluffed and arched his back so high that he was standing on his tippy toes, with his front feet very close together and his rear feet very close together and he was actually teatering from the position he placed himself in!! I have never seen such an attempt to look like a halloween cat!!! This is exactly what he looked like!!!
Then he attacked Cali! Legs flailing everywhere, he flung himself at her, and gave her quite whollop on the nose! It was too funny! I broke them up and shooed him upstairs, where he sat with his head through the bars of the railing watching this obnoxious creature that had not only been in his house, but in his backyard too!! Oh the horrors!!
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