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May 19, 2006

Of Sinkers, Floaters, and Fishballs...
This weekend I am going to a birthday party. For some reason, I am totally stoked about this party. It's for a friend's boyfriend. It's not really that big of a deal, just another birthday...we have a lot of them in our massive group. I am friends with them both, but much better friends with her. But even then, while I consider her a good friend, I haven't even really know her that long. I guess a little less than a year now. But I think she's great, and I think he's great, and well, I am stoked. Plus, we are going for Vietnamese food for dinner before the party! I love Vietnamese. I love pretty much all Asian food...except for the really crazy stuff that most Americans just cannot get their mouths around...not sure I could eat that blowfish that could kill you for instance, and I just don't like the chewiness of octopus...I've tried. But a nice Vietnamese soup bowl sounds great! No fishballs this time though...I love matzo balls, but I think because I love matzo balls, I can't get behind fishballs...the consistancy is a little chewy and it makes me think I am eating matzo balls that have been pounded into submission and turned into the little beige balls of rock...the Sinkers, they are called--I prefer the light fluffiness of the matzo ball Floaters (right now, my friend Sack is laughing his ass off because I wrote sinkers and floaters and he is undoubtedly thinking of upperdecking someone)...But yum. Asian food...mmm.

You know, I seem to have this uncanny ability to date people who don't like Asian food. My ex-boyfriend--who is probably reading this right now--never liked Asian food when we were together. Especially sushi. I tried to get him to eat a California roll once, just some supermarket ones...nothing scary, right? I thought he was going to throw up he gagged so much. He sat there choking down this ball of rice, seaweed, crab and avacado, doing his best immitation of my cat throwing up a hairball in reverse.

So what happens after we break up? About seven or eight months later, I get a phone call totally out of the blue from him. "Hey. Do you know any cheap sushi places around here?" "Bwah??? Sushi? I must have some sticky rice in my ears"...Oh yes, after we broke up he became a sushi FIEND. He was eating sushi so often that he needed to find a cheaper place to eat so he could feed his habit without going broke! I am pleased that he discovered the complete and utter yummieness of at least one type of Asian food, but man it would have been awesome to have a partner in crime for some sushi trekking...

So perhaps tomorrow I should keep my eyes peeled when we go to attention to the my friend's friends that can stomach a little Vietnamese goodness for dinner...perhaps my knight in shining armor will be sitting across the table from me slurping his soup, chopsticks in hand...
posted by Ty @ 5/19/2006 | 1 comments