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Feb 28, 2005

Best of Both iWorlds
Last week I was looking into the XM MyFi as an alternative to an iPod. Today, I found the best of both worlds. Engadget posted an interview today with the CEO of TimeTraxs. TimeTracks is software that allows the user to record satellite radio--legally. The files have a user tag on them so if they are released on the internet, they can be traced to the owner, but otherwise, users are free to use them as they wish. This allows people to dowload songs or talk radio, and then play it on their iPod, or burn it to CD, but not to share it over P2P networks en masse. Perfect! And the RIAA hasn't hit them--at least not yet. But I think their technology leaves room to easily find people pirating music, yet still allows the rest of us to enjoy the music to it's fullest. The RIAA can go after the people actually causing problems and leave the rest of us alone.

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Weekend Recap
As usual, my weekend was quite busy...I have become a social butterfly or something. Or possibly more accurately, my friends just like hanging out with each other enough that we can see each other on Friday and Saturday nights and not go insane from the repetition. Friday, I had a Girls' Night. It didn't start out that way, but the boys didn't want to come over. They wanted to work on their dirt bikes. And they were all whiney and cranky anyway. So the girls came over and we made daquiris and Rum Runners, and I even had little umbrellas for the drinks! Then we played Catch Phrase for a while, and then, well, then we decided to go to Condom Sense.

I have no idea what started this, but there we were, driving to the sex toy store at 12:30 in the morning. So, excited and a little anxious, we went inside. And wouldn't you know it, one of the girls knew the guy behind the counter!! No joke! She had gone to high school with him! He was the Big Flirt. And here he was selling sex toys! She was mortally embarrassed, although now that I think about it, she was just coming in to shop. He actually works there. But in any event, we giggled and laughed and acted silly for 30 minutes or so, asking the toy shop boy questions about different products and generally embarrassing my friend even more and then left, goodies in hand (which we had all received the Former High School Classmate Discount for) still giggling and talking on the phone to the guys telling them just how wild and crazy we were! Even sitting next to my friends while they were on the phone, I could tell, on the other end of the line were 4 guys shaking their heads, wondering just exactly how drunk we must be. But we had fun, and that was all that mattered!

But Saturday night, we all met up again, and went bowling. We had two lanes with the girls on one lane and the guys on the other. The first game was a little boring. There was no competition of any sort going on and we were all just chatting and waiting for our turns. But a few frames into the second game, I realized the girls were ahead of the guys for total points! I started telling the girls we needed to beat the guys. I got them all riled up which in turned riled up the guys, and away we went! Talking smack, trying to distract each other, cheering on our teams! It was great! And the girls won that game! By 30 points! The third game though, everyone was getting tired. We tried, but the guys slaughtered us. But I scored a 116! That may be the highest score I have ever had! That's not saying much, but it made me happy! And I was bowling with such force, I bruised the ball of my foot, and my inner thigh is sore from basically doing lunges for 3 hours. Yes, I have bowling injuries! Didn't even know that was possible!

After we bowled, we went back to Allie and Josh's place, and sat around talking until 4 in the morning. Well, talking is an understatement. It was more like, rough political banter. My friend R and I got into it with G about small businesses hiring illegal immigrants and how fines should be raised on those businesses. We were trying to explain that yes, of course there were some people who abused the system and took advantage of illegal immigrants by paying them less than minimum wage, off the books, but most were trying to do the best they could to only hire legal workers. But the system doesn't make this easy. You can't use a social security number as a form of identification. It's against the law. But you also can't find out if someone is illegal without checking their social security number against their driver's license (unless the paperwork is obviously fake). But on the other hand, it can also be considered discrimination to fire someone you later find out to be illegal. You can't fire them simply for being illegal. Strange isn't it? Employers are given the sole responsiblity for illegals. They are given health coverage, housing, cars, insurance, driver's licenses, but if we unintentionally hire an illegal alien will will be fined thousands of dollars. G argued the way to stop illegal workers was to increase the fines on small business, ignoring larger business equally at fault. This went on and on for nearly three hours, but in the end, G finally understood this is not a cut and dry problem with a good guy and a bad guy. I went home and crashed at 4am.
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