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Feb 28, 2005

Best of Both iWorlds
Last week I was looking into the XM MyFi as an alternative to an iPod. Today, I found the best of both worlds. Engadget posted an interview today with the CEO of TimeTraxs. TimeTracks is software that allows the user to record satellite radio--legally. The files have a user tag on them so if they are released on the internet, they can be traced to the owner, but otherwise, users are free to use them as they wish. This allows people to dowload songs or talk radio, and then play it on their iPod, or burn it to CD, but not to share it over P2P networks en masse. Perfect! And the RIAA hasn't hit them--at least not yet. But I think their technology leaves room to easily find people pirating music, yet still allows the rest of us to enjoy the music to it's fullest. The RIAA can go after the people actually causing problems and leave the rest of us alone.

posted by Ty @ 2/28/2005

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