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Dec 6, 2004

Scouring for trees
After scouring the DFW area for a Christmas tree--ok, maybe that is an exaggeration since I found my perfect, everyone-would-think-it-was-fake-if-it-didn't-smell-so-damn-good tree at the second place I looked--I had to repeat the process with my parents. It's a tradition that we all go get the family tree together, so we met on Sunday to seek out the glorious tree. Unfortunately, their living room has a ceiling that is literally two stories tall, so they need a rather large tree--that won't break the bank. We tried to find a 10+ ft. tree at Lowe's but the selection was beyond limited there, and we wound up at Calloway's. Their prices for small trees are rather bad. The tree I bought at Lowe's would have been around $80 at Calloway's. But Calloway's does a much better job with the oversized trees. For $120 we were able to get the fattest 12 ft. tree I have ever seen. The logic being that we could get more for our money by getting a wider tree--see the logic?? More branches, longer branches, more wood, better deal. This tree is the virtual opposite of my tree. It is scraggly and rough looking, and a bit misshapen. And I totally wish it were mine! It looks like a real tree. And it has a fairly strong resemblance to the misshapen, oversized tree in A Christmas Story. Ahhh...This is Christmas!
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