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Dec 20, 2004

Fun With Search Engines
I got a hit from another great search! Someone found me with "I want to drive you absolutely crazy with my tongue." Not bad, but I don't run that kind of site, buddy!!
posted by Ty @ 12/20/2004 | 3 comments
Of Gollum and Yippie Dogs
Friday night I went to my friend Lindsay's birthday party. It was at her house which is normally occupied by herself, her husband Gavin, their sweet, sweet dog Sasha, and their two cats. But last weekend Lindsay's father and stepmother and their teensy little Yippie Dog came to visit too. When I arrived, I was greeted by Lindsay, Gavin, Sasha and the Yippie dog and just after I arrived two more people arrived, so there were now, five people and two dogs standing in their foyer. The Yippie Dog wanted to play with the MUCH larger German Shepard-Malamute mix Sasha. Sasha was tired of the Yippie dog and amid all the commotion in the foyer, Sasha took her big paws and WHACKED the crap out the the Yippie Dog!! She just took her paw and brought it straight down on Yippie Dog's back! And Yippie Dog just barked back like, "what the hell was that for?? Are you NUTS!!" And Sasha smacked her again, essentially saying, "You are an annoying spoiled little brat and I am sick of you being in my house!!" And Yippie Dog barked back and everyone was grabbing dogs, and laughing.

Yippie Dog wasn't hurt and Sasha seemed to get her angst out and everything calmed down but about a minute later, I got a phone call from my friend Tracy. She was in Lufkin, better known as THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! She was stranded on the side of the road at 10pm with no lights and a flat tire. She had called a friend in Austin to come get her. He would not be there for at least 2 hours. I had to convince her that she should call 911. She wanted to just sit BY HERSELF in the car and wait for her friend. Finally, she agreed to call 911 and called me back about 30 minutes later. And during those 30 minutes I looked at my phone about 150 times waiting for her to call back, praying nothing happened to her. Finally, she did, and everything was fine. The officer didn't have the correct tool of some kind and he had to call for back up--for a flat tire--but everything was fine and she was on her way. Whew!

Back at the party, a little girl named Morgan arrived. She is 4 fingers old and her mommy curled her hair for the event! When she saw one of her favorite people, Garland, she ran up to him and jumped into his arms. And they started talking. She was telling him about her hair, and as she did she would cup the bottom of her curls tilt her head and push them up in a primping motion. It was terribly cute! Then she started telling Garland about Gollum! (Apparently, she had seen Lord of the Rings.) She was explaining that Gollum had her (as in had her captive) and he was mean, and wouldn't let her do anything, but she liked him. And she went on and on about Gollum (my guess was she was pretending her daddy was Gollum, she loved Gollum/Dad but she had gotten in trouble and so Gollum/Dad was mean!). Finally, I asked her if Gollum ever let her wear his ring, and responded, "Oh, yes! All the time!" with a huge grin. Then Garland asked why Gollum had let her come when she said he never let her do anything, and she looked at him and trying to come up with and answer, and when she couldn't she just said, "my hair is curled!"

A few minutes later, Morgan was on the ground and Yippie Dog came up to her and jumped up on her leg. Being that she is four, Yippie Dog came up to her waist. She stared at her and leaned away a little, not really afraid but not really happy about the situation. Some one asked what was wrong, and she deadpanned, "I don't really care for cats!" We cracked up!!!

posted by Ty @ 12/20/2004 | 0 comments