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Dec 28, 2006

It is so boring at work this week. The phones don't ring, there are no appointments set up, and I have to do year-end paperwork. Bleck.

In other news, I made a neat little present for some of my friends this year. If I can remember to, I will post a picture of what I made.

In other, other news, I am going to San Antonio with The Architect this weekend. We are going to the Alamo Bowl to support our Longhorns. I have mixed feelings about this because the Alamo Bowl is a crappy bowl game, but at the same time, I want to support my team no matter what. Plus, it's probably the closest bowl game I will ever get to go to with the exception of the Cotton Bowl. It will be a fun time though.

I also have mixed feeling about New Years Eve. Since we will be in SA, we have two options.

Option One is to go to Austin on our way back to Dallas and go to a friend's party. I won't know many people, and the one's I do know tend to hit on me when they are drunk (regardless of The Architect's presence), but it would be a nice party, and it is in a hotel so an easy end of the night commute. The Architect will know people here. Several of them tailgate with him.

Option Two is come back to Dallas on New Year's Eve and spend the evening in Addison at one of our hang outs, and go to a nice dinner. This option includes most of my friends, and a couple friends who will be in from out of town. The Architect is getting to know these people, but is not full on friends with them yet. A cab ride will get us home.

I want Option Two. Given that The Architect says "let's play it by ear" and "we'll see" a lot when we discuss this, I believe he wants to go to Austin.

However, A) I don't want to get hit on by those guys. B) I don't want to drive back on New Year's Day and have to work the next day. I want to lounge around recovering from my inevitable hangover. C) The Architect has been on vacation since the 15th. He will be quite rested. I have not. I want my New Year's Day! D) I would like to see the friends who are coming in town.

The question is, how do I convince him to come back to Dallas for New Year's Eve without starting a fight? Any suggestions? He's a laid back guy. Not really a fighter, but I can tell we are not seeing eye to eye on this one.

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