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Oct 17, 2006

I See Superman Levitating
This would be cool to do at the Halloween party I'm going to this I might give it a shot...

Philippe Halsman's Jump Shots

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posted by Ty @ 10/17/2006 | 0 comments
Parties, Parties, Parties
The party was awesome! My parents were utterly shocked, and completely elated that so many people cared about them.

Did I mention that I threw the entire party for under $500??? Just wondering. I fed 27 people dinner (with real plates!) and beered and wined them for somewhere around $400-450. Not bad, I'd say.

I am exhausted. It is Tuesday and the party was saturday, and I am still exhausted. I think it is going to take me the rest of the week to rebuild the adrenaline supply I demolished in the last couple of weeks.

Everyone had a good time though, and several people told me it was the best lasagna they had ever had...very cool. (I forgot to take pictures though. I am hoping someone got a few...if there are any, I will post them. My house looked awesome)

I definitely accomplished something with this party. I'm not quite sure what, but I am pretty sure it has something to do with strength of will and evolution of character. I also discovered just how difficult it is to throw a surprise party for someone you spend all of your time with. Note to self (and Potential Future Husband): No more suprise parties of this magnitude will be throw for friends or family who are of such close proximity. Sorry Potential Future Husband, you will be fully aware of any attempts to suprise you.

The good thing though is this has not dissuaded me from throwing other parties where I can tell everyone everything I am doing. This means, I will soon need to start planning my Christmas party. And after that, apparently, my parents want to have a Doo Wop party because my father is obsessed with this DVD from PBS. I mean obsessed! But he pretends it's my mom who loves it and that's why he's playing it...uh huh...

So they want to have a big party and we are going to put the invitations on old 45s (records for you young 'uns) (which I figured we could probably print on CD labels and then stick onto the 45s) and maybe rent a dance floor and move all the furniture out of their living room, and all sorts of craziness. Should be interesting...

But back to the Christmas party...Last year I had a Naughty Santa Party...I can't decide if I should do that again (which would make me the Naughty Santa Party girl (and do I really want THAT to be my signature party each year?) or should I change up the theme, and do something different (which would then make it a changing theme party and THAT would be my signature party...). But what other theme?? Any Ideas out there Internets??

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posted by Ty @ 10/17/2006 | 1 comments