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Feb 6, 2006

WAY Better Than The Super Bowl!
All night long I was waiting for Grey's Anatomy to come on...And I was not disappointed. It was AWESOME. So AWESOME. I seriously was ready to go home at half time just because I wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy. Which was, of course, pointless since it didn't start until 9:30, but I was antsy after about the second commercial for it.

And WHY didn't they mention in the ads that Christina Ricci would be on the show?? She was awesome! Very convincing.

I have liked it since the premiere, and they have yet to let me down. The show reminds me more and more of St. Elsewhere, but that's ok, because it was an awesome show.

I tell you what though...that show makes me want roommates again!
posted by Ty @ 2/06/2006 | 1 comments
Now THIS is Dallas
A new movie is being made about Dallas. The REAL Dallas...

Ok, well, it's a relatively minor segment of the population, but if they don't just seem to ooze out of Uptown, I don't know who does...My one concern with the film is that it is focusing on the male version, when I seemed to see the female version much more frequently. The purse is a rental, the car is a lease, the clothes still have tags on them, they vacation in Napa, and the credit card is about to explode...Who do YOU see more often?

$30,000 Millionaires
posted by Ty @ 2/06/2006 | 5 comments