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Jun 19, 2006

Crushing Ficticiously
Ever meet someone and think, I'm not supposed to be interested in you. I'm not really allowed to like you. There's this reason, and this reason, and this reason to explain why you are not a suitable crush. Not the least of which is your family's three generations of college education at my rival university. Which is a rule I swore I'd never break, but instead am suddenly thinking about a ficticious game room in a fictious future house with a ficticious future rival husband that has been ficticiously painted in rival colors, one half of the room ficticiously full of longhorns and burnt orange, the other full of (bleck!) ficticious little aggie men and maroon. And it sounds sort of fun. And the sweet text messages and phone calls I got all weekend 'just because' seemed really nice. And professing that your skills in the cooking and cleaning arena could "rival any woman's" was really cute. And being a Machosexual doesn't hurt either...And neither does loving volleyball...
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Eeyore's Cousins...
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