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Jan 1, 2007

San Antonio, New Year's Eve, and Tornados!
I'm back from San Antonio! Well, actually, I've been back since yesterday afternoon. Yes, I convinced The Architect to come back. Mostly, I just played the "Pleease" card. But it worked. And there wasn't even an argument. SA was fun. It's interesting how every time I go, I experience it a different way. This is the first time I have gone in any sort of romantic capacity, and it was really nice. Totally different from my other trips there. The hotel is lovely, and The Riverwalk is quite pretty decorated for Christmas. We were also staying only about a half mile from the Alamo Dome and only a block from the Riverwalk, so Friday night, after my 6.5 hour flight to San Antonio,* we parked the car, and didn't get it again until it was time to leave Sunday. I took some really cool pictures but for some reason, Adobe Bridge and I are having issues tonight, so I will post pictures as soon as I can get to them for more than 2.3 seconds.

New Year's Eve was nice. Dinner was really good (I had gotten a reservation at a nice restaurant) and the bar was ok. With the exception that The Architect was totally not into it and wanted to go home at 10:00pm. (I think he was mostly hungover and tired from the previous day where he drank for 13 straight hours due to it being his birthday and the bowl game.) But, in my book, had he gone home before midnight, I would have had to call it a day with him. I made myself clear, without actually saying "you leave, and we're done" and he stayed until about 12:05am. But he stayed, and he really and truly stayed for me, so we are mostly cool now.

He LOVED his birthday present. He even went so far as to say no one had ever gotten him something that cool before. I got him a ride along in a NASCAR race car out at Texas Motor Speedway. I think he is stoked about that one...

All, in all, a pretty good weekend...But if we are still together next year, I am definitely planning a birthday party for New Year's Eve so he isn't hungover on New Year's Eve! New Year's Day is a much better day for hangovers...

Can you believe it's 2007??? That's just three years from 2010!! That's the start of the years they use in sci-fi futuristic movies!!

*There was a horrible storm system here Friday afternoon and evening and both the Dallas Love Airport and DFW Airport to shut down for about three hours. While I was there...There was even a tornado warning at DFW, and everyone there was made to go into the basement of the airport!

I was at Love Airport, and we just had to sit around drinking beer. Did you know Love Airport has beer kiosks in the middle of the concourses! Fabulous idea! I was there for 5 hours though, to take a one hour flight! It took us 6.5 hours to get to SA and the drive is only 5 hours!

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