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Aug 1, 2005

Turn Me On, Turn Me Off
I was tagged by Melinda...

The meme is to list your turn ons and turn offs...Here goes...

Turn Offs first...
  • Lack of consideration for others--just in general
  • Strangely hairy chests/backs...a little well placed or trimmed hair is ok, but long hairs or crazy tons of hair...not so good...I go from hot to not in about 3.2 seconds...
  • Dipping...SO gross guys...I have zero interest in kissing you when you do that stuff...
  • A hobby so intense that you ignore me
  • I hobby that you can rationalize spending tons of money on, but can't seem to take me on a date without complaint
  • Not understanding the meaning of flowers..CUT flowers...a flowering plant DOES NOT count...I have to work to take care of it. Not romantic fellas
  • Peeing with the door open. I really don't want to hear it...It's bad enough that I can hear it through the door
  • Poor table manners...if we are eating together, keep your head up and look at me while you eat and we talk, hold your silverware properly, don't shovel your food...just the basics boys...
  • Kissing me just after smoking
  • Being shorter than me...I like 'em tall
  • No neck...I know it can't be helped, but it just doesn't work for me
Turn Ons...
  • Little surprises. This is not a money thing. A note--even a post-it, a text, a call, a cheesy toy you saw, a random shoulder rub, a random hug (the kind that tells me you just needed to be close to me), a joke you found that reminded you of me, a pint of blueberries because you know I love them and you were at the store and thought of me...the little stuff
  • In contrast, the big stuff works pretty well too, I won't works wonders
  • Cooking dinner with me
  • Really enjoying my cooking
  • A really good dive in volleyball...Nothing sexier than a half naked, tan man covered in sand flying through the air...mmmm...wait...MMMM....
  • A good mind me you're intelligent and can keep my mind going and I can be sunk
  • A joke that I find funny but don't want to
  • A really helps, guys
  • A strong jaw line
  • Piercing blue eyes
  • Forearms that ripple with muscle
  • Thick hair
  • A truck...mmm...trucks...SO sexy to me...Guess I have lived in Texas too long
  • Computer knowledge. I love technology and guys that know more about it that me are a total turn on
  • Random romance..."let's sit by the fire and drink a glass of wine," "let's hop in the truck and go look at the stars," "Tonight, I'm taking you out. Wear something sexy"
And in an effort at equality, I am tagging Dylan and Sloejack along with Lori (even though we know all she needs is the Finn) and Stacy
posted by Ty @ 8/01/2005 | 2 comments
August Happy Thoughts
I had almost forgotten I said I was going to do this!

Big Orange Michael has a little challenge for all you bloggers out there...write one thing that makes you happy everyday.

So for my first happy thought,

Yesterday, I played volleyball from 2pm to 10:30pm and from 2-6 I was playing in a 2x2 tournament. I burned somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 calories from the volleyball yesterday. And because of all the activity, I wasn't very hungry. I had a burger and fries for lunch, and a chef salad for dinner. That's it. (STARVING today though...) Pretty sweet no?? That thought made me giddy this morning...3,000 calories...I don't actually have to work out all this week if I don't want to...ahhh...
posted by Ty @ 8/01/2005 | 0 comments