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Oct 4, 2005

A Slightly Late Review
Every year I do my best to watch all of the premiere episodes that flood our TVs in September. I do it for two reasons. First, if I miss the pilot episode of certain shows it often is almost impossible to recover and get into the show later because you miss a key element that kicks off the story line. And you never know which show is going to be this year's blockbuster...which show will be the next Desperate Housewives? Lost? Second, it's sort of a challenge to see how many shows I can catch. My wonderful DVR has made that part a lot easier. Also, it should be noted that this year, many of the shows have spoof blogs (Lost had a diary last year). The blogs treat the story line as reality and write about it online...I like's kind of fun if you are into the show. So without further ado, my thoughts on the new shows.

Bones: Eh. Nothing to scream about. Another cop drama.

Surface: LOVE IT! Sci-fi but story driven, characters that have some depth, thriller-esque qualities, movie quality cinematography...This one is enjoyable, and captivating. And intellectual enough that it requires a little focus to stay tuned in. The concept is that there are creatures surfacing from underground under the water that have been there for hundreds or thousands of years. Aliens? Dinosaurs? The main character is a single mother marine biologist who is being thwarted at every turn by the government who is trying to keep this under wraps. One of the parallel stories is about Miles, a kid who found one of the creatures' eggs, and is raising the little devil in his suburban home. Miles has a blog...

Invasion: Good, but not great. I think it will get clobbered by Surface. They are both strong sci-fi shows but Invasion just doesn't have the character depth or story clarity of Surface. They still have time to fix that though. The show started with a hurricane which we are told may have been a guise for the aliens to come to earth in. People are being bitten by the creatures and they seem to be possessed. There is a lot of clarification still needed in this show. There is a neat blog set up for the shows resident conspiracy theorist, however.

Prison Break: Missed the pilot and now I am slightly lost. Not bad. I know it's getting great reviews but it's not doing all that much for me. The lead actor is hot though! One brother is going to break the other brother out of jail...Robin Tunney plays Veronica, a lawyer trying to get Lincoln Burrows off of Death Row, but all I can see is her character from The Craft!

How I Met Your Mother: AWESOME! This show has the ability to replace Friends. It is funny and witty, and OH MY GOD it's my friends! I watched last night's episode with my best friend and we were rolling on the floor laughing because these characters are just like us and our friends! The concept is cute. The father is telling his kids the story of how he met their mother, in 2005. He is telling the story from 2030. The characters are all mid-20s and two of them are engaged while the others are single. They are all struggling to find their place (as so often happens in 20-something comedies) and they are finding friendships and love along the way. Neil Patrick Harris has just revived his career. He is hilarious as the bumbling, yet successful bachelor who is always in pursuit of better "tail". The 18-34 audience will love this show. Side note: In the first episode, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) mentions his blog. CBS has created a blog for Barney, which has the potential to be quite funny, given the nature of the character "writing" it. But it only has one post so far. We'll see if they get moving on that one...

Commander in Chief: Not bad...I really didn't expect much from this show, but it seems to have some potential. Geena Davis is much more believeable than I had thought she would be. Guess she has an Oscar for a reason. The concept is, the Republican president has died and his trophy VP, a woman and an Independent, takes over the position against the wishes of most of the administration. Is it going to replace The West Wing? Nah. But it's not bad. Another blog bandwagon jumper...

My Name Is Earl: Eh. It's funny, but for all the hype, I thought it would be better. I prefer How I Met Your Mother for my new comedy of the year. Earl is a down on his luck, no-gooder who decides to turn his luck around after learning about Karma from a TV show and goes around righting the wrongs he has committed his whole life. We'll see how it does...

E-Ring: Not bad...Love Benjamin Bratt and they let him walk around half naked...can't beat that...He's the smart mouthed new kid in the Pentagon and he is shaking things up with Dennis Hopper in tow. It has potential and is intellectual enough to keep me focused.

All in all, I think my fall season will be spent watching The West Wing, Lost, How I Met Your Mother, and Surface with smatterings of Medium, E-Ring, Law and Order: CI (Chris Noth is back!) and Commander in Chief. And if they are lucky, The Amazing Race...but only if they get rid of the annoying Paolo family!
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