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Sep 27, 2004

Pet Peeve x 10
Why must you assume I recognize your voice? We have no secretary, we answer each and every call. Are you so sure we receive so few calls that we must certainly know who you are by your ubiquitous, "Hey."? And then you leave a giant gaping pause as though I can read your mind and know why you are calling. Perhaps it is that you are so arrogant that you think we don't deserve a proper "This is Bob calling from XYZ, Inc."-type greeting. Guess what. We hate it. Hate it, hate it, hate it. And even worse, someone else from your own company has a very similar voice. Learn how to call a customer. There is truly no good explanation for your lack of phone etiquette. I am going to begin hanging up on you! Maybe then you will learn!!
posted by Ty @ 9/27/2004 | 0 comments
Refrigeration and Beer.
That is how I spent my weekend. I drank beer and looked for a refrigerator for my new house. That's it.

Friday JG and I rented Secret Window and drank beer. Johnny Depp is amazing. He is a such a great actor. I even think he was up for an Oscar for this movie. But the plot of this movie totally ruins it. I was so disappointed. So was JG. We figured out the ending in the first 20 minutes of the movie. We decided it was just too similar to Fight Club. I know, that seems impossible, but without ruining Secret Window, lets just say, the main characters have the same problem...well, that might ruin it for some people. Sorry, but you don't really need to rent this one. It was definitely scary and suspenseful but it was all the old tricks. Someone is after the main character and he keeps leaving his front door wide open. You just want to yell at Steven King..."Can you write something a little more original???" I thought he should have done everything right and still had problems. No one does that. They always do something so obviously stupid. I just kept hoping that what JG and I thought was going to happen was wrong. That they had tricked us. But nope. We were dead on.

Anyway, back to refrigeration and beer. Saturday I went looking for a refrigerator. They have some cool stuff out there now! Like an ice maker that dumps into a clear container on the door that is removable by pushing a little button...Very handy for situations that require daquiries! I almost found a frig this weekend. Almost. I actually had one all picked out and then found out they only hold them for three days. That's no good. I don't move for 3 weeks...speaking of, I've gotta get on the move finding movers and transferring services...This is the part of moving I hate.

Saturday night I watched the Texas vs. Rice game (which we won with ease 35-13) with the Texas Exes and TN at the Iron Cactus downtown. Fun. I drank a bit too much, though. After the game we went to Club Drama--this new club that opened near Knox/Henderson and 75. It was ok. Just a club in my opinion. I prefer pubs anyway. But there was one crazy thing that happened. JG wasn't with me, he was playing in a poker tourney. So it was TN, me, her friend RO and his friends. Well, apparently, his friend NI was interested in me. I was just talking to him, making conversation when he said the lame line, "So what do you do?...No, wait, what do you do for fun?" With this sly little smile on his face. This was when I knew I could have some fun. I strung him out for a few minutes letting him think I was oh so interesting and then started talking about the trip I am taking to San Fran with JG. But I didn't mention JG at first. He was all interested in what I was saying, his eyes glinting at the possibilities and then like a bomb, I said, "yeah, my boyfriend won the trip." He didn't even finish the conversation!! He was gone in about 10 seconds. I mean GONE. He walked away!! I was laughing. I thought it was hilarious. TN was ticked off though, she got protective of me and thought it was incredibly rude and obnoxious (she was right, but I just thought it was funny). She proceded to tell her friend RO how rotten his friends were! It was a hoot. We left soon after, but not so much because of that, but rather I was having a hard time standing still and not swaying. I crashed on her couch. I hate crashing on couches. But Saturday was no time to argue.

Sunday, I continued looking for refrigerators. That was about it. Did laundry, got my car washed, helped the 'rents with some lawn work, then crashed.

All in all, a fine weekend.

Oh, and I am getting SOO stoked about the debate this Thursday! I loved this post by Dylan about it. I think I might have a watching party.
posted by Ty @ 9/27/2004 | 2 comments