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Nov 22, 2004

Target is having a two day sale this weekend for the after Thanksgiving shopping rush! And get this: They have set up a wake-up call! You can be woken up by Cheech Marin, Heidi Klum, Ice-T or my personal favorite, a character called, Heartbreaker! You must check this out!

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New photos on Flickr
I added some new photos to my Flickr account...feel free to check 'em out! Use the Flickr badge on the side bar to get to them! :)
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My Cat is Very Smart...I Swear!
This weekend I had a bug in the house. The kind of bug that flies short distances then crash lands. The kind that cats go CRAZY about. My cat Luka, who is generally an incredibly smart cat, decided to chase the bug onto the window sill. The bug landed on the window sill by flying through the open blinds. Luka knows a little trick where he pulls the blinds down (like a person trying to see out of closed blinds) and he can look through them. He decided there was also enough room to CLIMB through them.

luka window 1

Did my kitty stop there though? Oh no! He continued to chase the bug when it left the window sill, the bug no doubt scared out of his mind at the large fanged creature staring down at him. Luka had apparently forgotten his choice of window sill attainment, and stepped off the window sill while still in the blinds! Did I go to help him?? Oh no, it was much to funny to not whip out the camera and take a picture! And let me remind you that he is actually very smart, which made the look of embarrassment and frustration on his face even funnier! He knew how dumb his choice was! Priceless!

luka window 2

posted by Ty @ 11/22/2004 | 2 comments