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Feb 10, 2006

A Cat's Tale
I try and refrain from cat stories on my blog, but this one is just too funny. First, let me describe the setting.

I had drank half a bottle of wine, as I noted earlier, and was feeling pretty good. It was late, and I got a text message from Jenny asking if I was still awake. I was, so I called her back and put her on speaker phone so I could get ready for bed while we talked. Then I climbed in bed, and curled up with the phone next to me chattering away.

Enter Luka. He bounded up on the bed like he does every night when I get into it, and meowed a hello. I was still talking to Jenny, but I turned away to say hi to Luka. Jenny heard me and said hi to him too. He heard her. For the first time ever, he recognized there was a voice talking to him coming out of that little grey box that always gets his mom's attention. He sauntered over, his ears perked, and looked at the box puzzled. I told Jenny to keep talking to him and he started pawing the phone like he was attacking one of his fur mice. He could hear this voice that he knew, but couldn't see the person! It was driving him mad! He started flipping the phone over, and digging under it, trying to uncover Jenny! After about 5 minutes of this he wandered off to attack Brody--I am sure he thought Brody was somehow doing this to annoy him even more because that is a little brother's destiny in life. But a few minutes later, he came back and attacked the phone again! Digging at my duvet cover like it was sand, certain that if he dug deep enough, he would find Jenny. He tried for several minutes, and I have to say, that between the wine and cat, I was laughing hysterically.

It was a great moment and I had to share! :)
posted by Ty @ 2/10/2006 | 1 comments
Job Surfing
Last night, I had a glimpse, in a half-bottle-of-wine-induced happiness, of a potential job of, well, sort of epic proportions. Let's just say that it could fairly easily double my salary in the first year. And, it would come with three to four weeks of vacation. It isn't something I had ever thought about doing, and it's way off the mark from my thinking up until oh, about 9pm last night, but now it is sounding better and better. And I should be sufficiently qualified.

I don't want to say any more because I almost feel like I would jinx it, but it has me feeling a bit hopeful. Keep your fingers crossed!
posted by Ty @ 2/10/2006 | 2 comments