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Feb 10, 2006

Job Surfing
Last night, I had a glimpse, in a half-bottle-of-wine-induced happiness, of a potential job of, well, sort of epic proportions. Let's just say that it could fairly easily double my salary in the first year. And, it would come with three to four weeks of vacation. It isn't something I had ever thought about doing, and it's way off the mark from my thinking up until oh, about 9pm last night, but now it is sounding better and better. And I should be sufficiently qualified.

I don't want to say any more because I almost feel like I would jinx it, but it has me feeling a bit hopeful. Keep your fingers crossed!
posted by Ty @ 2/10/2006
At 9:07 PM, February 10, 2006, Blogger Shamr0x said...

Good for you!

What kind of wine?

At 1:53 AM, February 17, 2006, Blogger Michael Manning said...

GOOD LUCK! You'll make it just fine!!


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