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Jun 5, 2006

I went to the lake this weekend...woohoo! Love the lake! I went with a friend who's uncle own's a fabulous lakehouse on Cedar Creek Lake. It's a very pretty little lake, in a very Texan town--Gun Barrell City. I swear. That's the name. But hey, apparently it didn't deter the rich folk. There are some serious mansions on that lake. Beautiful homes with large plots and matching boat houses on the water. And that number includes my friend's uncle. I spent 4th of July there last year, I believe I even wrote about it, but I am going to write about it again, because I want a house like this someday...and a Wayne to take care of it. That's right, not only is there a big beautiful house on the lake, but he also has a multifaceted, handy-man, landscaper, dog-watcher, fix-it guru, boat maintainer, property manager to look after his lakehouse and two other lake properties that he rents out. Full-time. Everybody needs a Wayne.

So anyway, the house is fabulous, the boats are fabulous, the weather was fabulous...the neighbors two doors down are new, we learned, and bought their house for $800,000...for a lakehouse...let me repeat that. An $800,000 lakehouse...that you only visit for MAYBE 40 days a year...and that would be going out there every weekend for 5 months out of the year...Yeah, I so want that life...

But again, I digress. I learned to sail this weekend! Sort of. Last 4th of July, my friend's uncle boat a tiny sail boat for his 12 year old granddaughter. She hasn't used it. Cause...she's 12. And 12 year olds are like that. So we pulled it out yesterday and Uncle taught us how to sail. Good times. I also got a rip roarin' good sunburn. I mean OW. My stomach (which it had escaped my brain that it had not seen the light of day since oh, last September) got rather burnt when I failed to apply any sunscreen to it. DUMB. FRIED. It hurts so badly right now. Very very dumb. I am also rosy pink on my legs, but those burns always just turn a pretty tan. Oh and right between where my bikini top stops and my armpit begins...yeah that's burnt too. But I did learn that one application of SPF45 on my face will do me for the entire day. So that's good at least...sigh. I hurt.

I also learned that it REALLY hurts to use an exercise ball when you have a sunburn. OW. I had a session with my trainer right after I got back from the lake yesterday. And he told me I have "rock-hard" those ego if we can just get the abs to ellicit a "rock-hard" comment...But I tell you what. My shoulders are really starting to take shape. That's pretty cool if I do say so myself. And working out on Sunday is pretty cool too. The gym is empty and it leaves less excuses for why I can't go to the gym during the week. Tonight I am going to dinner with friends, but tomorrow, I have a date with the gym. Wednesday night volleyball doesn't count when I play 6x6 but I have 4s on Thursday so that will mean exercise Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and hopefully one more time at the gym either Friday or Saturday before the week is out. If I can keep that up...Whew! Plus, I start 4x4B/BB (which will be a bit challenging I think) on Wednesdays soon, so that will be pretty much an automatic 4 workouts a week. All an hour long too. Just WAIT until July 4th...I SO need to be on a lake for July 4th!! I am going to be SVELT! :)

Ok sorry for the ramble...I just can't tell you how much more I am enjoying working out lately. My trainer is really helping. It was definitely worth the money. Oh, did I tell you he also told me I have an "athletic build?" Uh, yeah...he said that! Hehe...loved it. ME, athletic!! He is so friggin' good for my self-esteem.

So the end of this story is do I tie all this back together...? I have no clue. Yeah, so that's the end of the story I guess...
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