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Feb 16, 2006

Thoracic Roller Derby
Had an x-ray done today. Of my thoracic spine. That's the middle of your back. Where no normal person manages to hurt themselves. Except me of course. The doctor asked me if I could pinpoint the pain. Which I can do to within an area the size of my fist. Basically, if I put my arm behind my back and pull my fist up to my bra strap, and point the circle created by my index finger and thumb at my back, that is where it hurts. That's apparently fairly exact. So he asked if it hurt when he pressed on it. No. Well, that creates confusion. If I couldn't pinpoint the location of the pain, it would most likely be a muscular problem. If I could pinpoint it, and it hurt to be touched, it would be a bone problem. Of course, my body is weird. But because I had a back problem in 2002 (from slipping in the kitchen of the restaurant I waited tables in) and it had affected the same spot, I had to get an x-ray. Depending on what comes back on the x-ray, I may need an MRI. Ah, fun. On the plus side, he gave me a prescription for Naproxen and a muscle relaxer (dunno the name, his hand writing sucks).

Damn roller skates that were too much fun! Well, at least I gave my doctor a good laugh when I told him how I hurt myself!
posted by Ty @ 2/16/2006 | 2 comments
Dance Trance
Ooophf...Ever read something and feel like you just got hit in the stomach? I just did. Swirly Girl said the following,

Today's a Jamiroquai kinda day. Dance your fool head off and be impressed with the bass lines (but not in this song in particular).

Remember that video? His energy and pure freedom? That feeling of standing in front of your bedroom mirror, hairbrush in hand, singing every word--even the ones you don't know--and dancing like you are on stage at Madison Square Gardens and every step is perfect?

I realized this morning, I haven't woken up with that feeling in a long time. Not since my birthday at least, and before that, I have no idea. I used to. I used to feel that way in the mornings. Now I just try to sleep every last minute I can, and fly around my house racing to get to work reasonably on time. What happened to that feeling? That random day when I would wake up giddy to get going?

I really need to find it again.
posted by Ty @ 2/16/2006 | 2 comments