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Nov 2, 2005

One Of The Coolest Things Ever
I just got back in touch with one of my favorite people! Can I tell you exactly how cool this is??? When I was in high school (summer after my junior year), I worked at Old Navy. While I was there, I met Nick. He was a year older than me and was starting school at community college. We totally hit it off. He was funny and witty and introduced me to a sort of bizarre underworld of music from (then up and coming) bands like Cake and They Might Be Giants. He loved to read, loved the movie Trainspotting, and drove the biggest hoopty ever. It was a 1980s Town Car. Gray.
We became really good friends. I would hang out at his house, goofing with his little brother and sister, who were just little kids (the product of his father's second marriage) and we would sit around talking about how we were both going to be writers and how unjust the world was. He was an oasis from my other friends who were mainly intent on partying and acting stupid.

I was dating my high school boyfriend when I met Nick. But soon after we met, I was grounded for a month. No friends, no phone. And definitely no boyfriend. I was still allowed to go to work though, so I still got to see Nick.

Soon after the school year started, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight. We broke up. Soon there after, I started dating Nick. He even took me to Homecoming. And I threw a stupid spoiled fit about something he gave me. A moment that I have regretted since seconds after it happened.

Then I did the unthinkable. I got back with my ex before I had actually broken things off with Nick. And he found out before I could tell him. Possibly the shittiest thing I ever did to a guy. Especially one I cared so much about. But my ex and I had dated for a year before I dated Nick and I really felt I should give that another go, even if I did still like Nick. But then I felt too awful about breaking up with Nick to tell him immediately. I didn't know what to say. So I said nothing for a couple days, and boy did that backfire.

In the end, Nick forgave me. But he also warned me that karma would be his retribution. And without going into another long story, lets just say, 6 months later, he was right.

The following Spring, Nick went off to Southwest Texas State, a college about 30 or 40 minutes from Austin. The following fall, I went to UT in Austin. We got back in touch and hung out a few times. Each time, I felt like I had found my long lost friend. And each time I wondered why we didn't hang out more. But then time and distance would work its troublesome ways, and we would drift apart again until one of us was reminded of the other. Then one day, I called his apartment, and the answering machine had changed. I tried again, and got his roommate. He didn't know Nick's new number. And until now, I hadn't been able to find him again. It has probably been at least 6 years since I have talked to him. I would try every now and then to find him. I even got worried to the point of thinking maybe he had died. At that point, I was too afraid to even call his parents' house. Finally, I worked up the nerve. I called and got his stepmother. She told me he was living in Florida with his brother, but she couldn't give me any more information. They had had a falling out. I was sad to hear that, but at least I knew he was alive and safe. I asked her to tell him I was looking for him if she spoke to him, but obviously nothing ever came of that.

Then a couple of days ago, I got the urge to try again. I Googled him. And low and behold, his fraternity's alumni page came up. And there he was! Complete with phone number and e-mail address. I e-mailed him two days ago and he wrote back last night! He is living in Austin now, but currently visiting with family in Pensacola. I cannot wait to talk to him!

I have a million things going through my head. What is he doing now? Did he graduate? Is he writing for a living? Is he married? Does he have kids??? What if he has KIDS???

I will keep you posted on what happens. I am just elated to have found my friend! He was so important to me. Just goes to show the power of persistence.
posted by Ty @ 11/02/2005 | 2 comments