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Oct 7, 2005

Barney's Blog
No...not the purple dinosaur! The one I told you about the other day! From How I Met Your Mother! I thought there was room for this to be a good spoof blog because the chararacter of Barney is a nut! Well, this week's post has some funny moments...This week, Barney and Ted licked the Liberty Bell on the show...Well apparently, according to Barney's blog, he likes licking national monuments...In Zagat's style, he cronicles some of his best licking moments...I particularly like his take on licking The Alamo:

THE ALAMO - San Antonio, TX

Taste Atmosphere Patriotism Security
20 26 28 10

This Texan fort is “surprisingly gringo in flavor” though the charm and historic relevance will leave your “tongues a-blazin’.” Official Alamo security can be “lax” and “slow to respond like all Texans,” but beware the non-licking tourist vigilantes who are “usually hidden beneath non-ironic cowboy hats” and “mighty quick to take offense to someone licking state property.” Drink plenty of water before and after your lick as although “mild and American” in taste, the “heavy Mexican influence” will have you “sayin’ ‘howdy partner’ to the baño for horas.”

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My First Time
This is quite possibly the first time I have agreed with an Evangelical Christian...Richard Cizik, the Vice President of Government Affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals, sees nature conservation as biblical directive, and completely in line with the Christian Conservative philosophy. He notes scripture which states we are the keepers of the Earth and that to not be conscious of conservation is a sin. He suggests that "creation care" is something that the 30 million Evangelical Christians in this country need to take to heart. He believes that
"much of the challenge is reframing the environmental issue for the evangelical community as a people issue. We have to say, for instance, that addressing climate change is a way of saying we care about the millions of people worldwide that might have to endure tremendous suffering and displacement from the drought, hurricanes, and flooding associated with global warming."

Ah, spin...

I have long thought there were many ways to interpret the Bible and that passages can be taken how you want and may not be expressed as they were intended. And to those ends, the Bible has quite often been used as a bouy for propaganda and agenda setting, but for once, I approve of the Bible being used in this way. In this case, the propaganda is for a cause greater than personal need. The cause is global survival. (But we will tell the Evangelicals, it's for the people...shhh...)

If Cizik was able to bring Evangelical Christian Conservatives and Left Wing Radicals together for a common cause, there is no telling how great the results could be. These two groups are, in marketing terms, the Innovators. Innovators are the small percentage of the population that take to a new idea or product first. They are the ones who test it out. While the Evangelical Christian Conservatives and Left Wing Radicals are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, amongst their liberal and conservative peers, they are the Innovators. If their ideas take hold, they trickle down to the rest of their party. This is why they are so dangerous, but in this case, if they were both working for the same goal from opposite ends, twice the ground could be covered in half the time. Both parties could speak to their own people in a language they each understand.

Good Luck, Cizik.
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