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Oct 23, 2006

The State Fair
Saturday I went to the Texas State Fair for the first time. I have been before to watch The Texas/OU game but we never gave more than a cursory look at the fair because we had football to watch, and quite honestly, football will always beat a fried Snickers bar on a stick!

But Saturday I went with The Architect. We had a blast! I tried the Fried Mac and Cheese (which was actually pretty decent) and The Architect FINALLY found a Corny Dog for himself (they were in seriously short supply for a fair!!) and we rode rides and looked at crafts (which have suspiciously been taken over by Asian importers hocking cheap sunglasses and tacky purses) and wandered through the car show (which had far too few concept cars!!)

The architect even indulged my inner photographer and let me snap away. I posted the best pics on flickr...Take a look by clicking on the picture below (and try to view them in their larger forms...many of them are much better that way). P.S. To view them in order, view the State Fair Set instead of just my photo stream...

The Midway


posted by Ty @ 10/23/2006 | 3 comments
How Do I Find Time to Have a Life With All This TV?
Stacy did this non-meme (it's not really a meme but it looks like one) over at Outwit, Outblog, Outsnark, and I realized I watch plenty of TV to join in...I haven't been watching much TV as it happens lately, because I'm not home much during the week, but I will sit down and watch a 4 hour chunk of DVR at once on a Saturday or Sunday morning, So here goes...

Shows I Love
Grey’s Anatomy
Prison Break
How I Met Your Mother
The Amazing Race
Criminal Minds

Shows I Like (but may not watch every week)
Law and Order
L&O: Criminal Intent
Close to Home
Two and a Half Men
The New Adventures of Old Christine

Shows that have been on but I just started watching and they’re pretty decent
I just got into The Amazing Race about 2 years ago, does that count?

Shows that have either jumped the shark or suck, yet I still watch
Sometimes I think Lost...

New shows that I really like
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Men In Trees

New shows that I kind of like and am still “trying out”
The Nine
Ugly Betty
The Class
30 Rock

New shows that I tried but didn’t like

Six Degrees
Happy Hour

New shows that I liked but have already been canceled
Nothing yet, but I heard nasty rumors about Men in Trees...

And I am adding another category:

Shows I USED to like but stopped watching
CSI: Miami
Cold Case
Crossing Jordan
What About Brian

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posted by Ty @ 10/23/2006 | 2 comments