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Nov 8, 2004

big, Big, BIG NEWS!!
This is HUGE news!! First let me begin by explaining how I came to know Jeff. We met on Fat Tuesday at Razzoo's under a huge tent full of beer and beads. I was there with a couple guy friends of mine, R and his roommate, Jeff (different Jeff). We were meeting some of Jeff's friends there which included this totally cocky, but, well, quite sexy, tall skinny guy, who was wearing a straw cowboy hat with the top cut out to let his spikey hair stand up. Totally cute. We met that night and then I didn't see him for a few weeks. The next time I saw Jeff (my Jeff) was at a poker game.

My friend R had convinced me I needed to learn to play. I had protested mightily. I already was good at darts and pool and loved beer, and I was thinking I might not need to learn another traditionally male hobby for fear of looking a bit, well, shall we say, less than feminine. R said, nonsense. He strongly felt a female poker player would, in the very least, be intriguing to guys, and that they would probably find it quite sexy...So I let go of my protest, and learned to play(I really wanted to)...And beat the pants off R and Jeff very early on (beginners' luck in poker is unreal).

They had home games once a week, and they decided I was worthy to play. I was fairly surprised because it was all guys, and at first I had reservations about playing with them because I didn't want to intrude on a guy's night thing. But because of this, I never let their gross, and incredibly un-PC conversation bother me and they grew to be quite comfortable with me around, and didn't censor themselves at all. I think this is why they didn't mind me playing.

But anyway, I began to prove myself a decent player, and became a regular as the game grew. Among the other regulars was Jeff (my Jeff). He was always late and always trying to get us to play for more money, and play No Limit (i.e. no limit to the raises--a $50 raise was quite possible). Eventually, he persuaded us all, and we began playing $50 No Limit Texas Hold 'em. Jeff and I spent most games in a vicious battle to slam each other. The insults and teasing flew wildly, game after game. Much like pulling pigtails. But for 9 months he was just that irritatingly cute poker player that I wanted to get to know better, but never thought I was good enough for and had convinced myself was trouble.

Finally, finally, we started dating, and to this day, one of the things we enjoy most is playing poker together. He is definitely better than I am, but I can truly hold my own, and although he refuses to admit it, there are times I have beat him (or at least won more money). We have created quite a home game. We have several truly good players (some days I would include myself in that number--some days I wouldn't). Several of the guys have recently been talking about taking a trip to Vegas next year and playing in satellite tournaments for the World Poker Tour. Going for a weekend, taking $2,000 and playing in as many satellite games as they can in 3 or 4 days, trying to win seats to the WPT and selling the extra seats that they win for $10,000 (which is the going rate for the ticket--not inflated at all).

Now, recently, Jeff has been playing poker online and winning, A LOT. When I say a lot, I mean, he has begun winning serious cash. A thousand here, $1500 there. Well, he entered into several super satellites (satellite games for the satellite games) for the WPT. He won three seats (worth $680) into WPT satellite games. The theory being, he had three chances to win a seat to the WPT. Each WPT satellite pays the top 11 players (out of 200+ players) a seat to the WPT in January and a trip to the Bahamas and the Atlantis Resort for the week of the tournament. The total prize is worth $10,000 smackeroos!! $7000 for the entry fee, $2,000 for the rake, and $1000 in spending money...Not too shabby...

Well, to make a long story short, HE WON A SEAT IN THE WPT on his first try!!!! He still has two more chances to win seats (or rather to win the $10,000 and sell the seat)! The prize pool has yet to be determined for the WPT but it looks like there could be 2,000 entrants which would put the winnings at around $14,000,000 so the first place finisher is likely to win several million dollars. I am SOOOO proud of him! I try to explain to people how good of a player he is, but with everyone playing poker these days, it's hard to explain. But now, there is NO doubt! He is really good. And just for good measure, I am going to repeat this in BIG type and bright colors...

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