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Nov 7, 2005

Weekend Update
The date went great! We had Platinum Level passes! And we were able to sit five rows from the ice for half the game...It was a great date! He is super sweet, smart, and get this...we have the same religious AND political views. Almost exactly...And we all know how unique my views are...That alone gets him another date!!

Saturday, I went to a "congratulations on you new job" party after I watched the UT game (where we slaughtered Baylor) The party was ok at first. A normal, tame party. But then a bunch of the marrieds and familieds left and we played poker...Things got interesting then. We played a tourney and I wound up being in the final three when we chopped the pot. Won $30...not bad since the drive all the way out to their house cost me 8 or 9 dollars including gas and tolls (which I find just unreal...). Toward the end of the game, two of my friends decided to do a power hour. A power hour is where you drink one shot of beer every minute for one hour. That equals about 6 beers in an hour. And they had been drinking for 3 or 4 hours at this point. Needless to say, they were both quite drunk, and I was glad I had decided to drive...

I also caught up on my NaNo book Sunday. I am now at 10,054 words...right on target. If I can keep up a 2000 words a day pattern, I won't have to take my laptop camping this weekend...And you know, it's book took a strange turn Sunday. Now there are two love interests for my protagonist. I think this means she will have to choose between them. They are both Dutch though...hehe...but one lives in Dallas and one lives in Holland.
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